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Oh, he's wonderful. The African player of the year ward beating out saudi-omani NPR Emmerick obeying. It's the second straight year in which saw has won the award. Obviously won the golden boot on the Premier League thirteen goal. So far this season. Still only twenty six years old. God it feels like. He's older than that. And in addition to that it was a good day overall for Egypt is it was also announced that they'll host the twenty nineteen Africa Cup of nations. That's right. The twenty nineteen Africa Cup of nations like a few months from now. It's the fifth time that they'll host it. They last hosted an oath six, and they went on and won the thing Cameroon. Here's why it's being announced now because things like this are usually obviously years in the making sure Cameron was supposed to host it. But they were stripped of it back in November because of slow preparations, so Egypt and South Africa through their names in the ring to countries that are developed enough that they could obviously handle something like this on relatively short notice. It was awarded to Egypt and a pretty easy vote. And now they have just five months prepare for the expanded twenty four team tournament, which it is now most solace said he was retiring from Egyptian football after the World Cup. When things went horribly do think that will still be the case now with the Africa Cup of nations on his own home soil. Listen, he said, he considered retiring don't think he. Did he not actually retire? No. I don't think. So. Okay. So then you think play I think he will play an I think he's under immense pressure to represent his country's. Well, we should mention as well. Aaron Ramsey of arsenal has agreed five deal event is thirty-six million pounds, sterling. Wow, I knew that was one of those things that you heard rumors rumor, I don't know for some reason. I just like I didn't think it was going to happen. I know we'll try in Ramsey's career for the next podcast. It's tricky. Yeah. Lot of injuries. But a lot of promise sometimes recognizes potential sometimes can't get into the starting eleven. That's really interesting. Yeah. I don't know what he becomes now. A hundred and forty thousand pounds starting a week contract rumored. Okay. Well, hey, this was fun, man. I enjoyed in the club. I don't know what you thought of it. But I thought at least Tim spears was really good. I like the concept hate the open Craig Burley as always one of our favorite people to speak with should be a fun weekend. Spurs united. I'm excited about that. Hey, stuff, my friend to you. I. Say take later Bossia, ticker listening to cod off-side soccer podcast..

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