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From DSW. sure you know mark Fisher does a nice little that is like a grade ten. read he all yeah yes a nice black teal size of that grass Lori yeah we have to find out is Cinderella's in the house. Rogers is showing is fashions now we are ex think of Carol while mom died lovely lady right yes she wore a lot of print blouses and one of the photos she had on a mustard color plaid blouse and so we do the gap store and I found this plat mustard color but in a floral print that is really good on our. master like I where you where. good morning. I think you can you know when I do sometimes girls if a color really is not celebrating me working lipstick yeah. thank you live state what would be that pop what are you gonna pair that with so we put it with ankle pants and a sling back pumps this one here is is sassy wait is that I think he was going into real estate that. I was kind of things so. our mom. check out these wells I got this bus at forever twenty one and this is a play on what chan war she has on in one of her photos is beautiful green sweater and highly you did you have like a high waisted pants there was a large detail okay and on the bottom in that photo but I I imagine that it was a high wage yeah yeah so I put her in a high waisted jeans yeah from the silver jeans store huge by are you look so cute nature you know what but you said that your because I was thinking the same thing I love this little puffs sleeve action are you talking about I mean I yeah. well I am brown yeah I know where. it's not my favorite for you yeah if you're not as right right and I don't and I'm fuller on the bottom then I am on top so girl this is a wardrobe strategy yeah to add a little dimension on top radiated already got it going on on the bottom radio that's how you worked that trend okay. not having a lot of chest would you still do that as long as the girls are perky this is a low Phoenix you get either get on the right for our have a going on after nine and a half clavicle cleavage and be happy. because in the seventies they do have a lot of low. phase lasts the nobody had the angle just let him may be they were you just is what it is right yeah and so for Cindy our grass now Cindy think us we listen the always in her little pig tails and with polls yeah I mean there are so many photos. any more this is all just to win revisit that out to you my name that I want to say something.

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