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Goals apiece. After to a bushel of sporting information coming at you here in your second admits report because we got a bunch of finals in the NHL to tell you about some weird scores in the NBA. Just some weird teams are getting smashed in the National Basketball Association. So we'll tell you about that. If we got the time, we'll even look at some college hoops and some H L action as well. The law firm Burke, central remind you any rebroadcast this game is strictly prohibited with the written consent to the NHL. Well, the game is unlikely to purchase dot com. That's B dot com. Good lawyers changing lives before we. Check out all the scores. It's good. The highlights from the second period. This game presented by xfinity. We were all knotted up at two goals apiece after the first period of this hockey game. But in the second period, the apps looked good. I mean, the the avalanche were flying in that second period. And it wasn't just the office. That was looking good grew our between the pipes cabinet up. Big Johnson the cornerback behind the net for Nathan MacKinnon, but rolls free of him in San Gerard takes over. Gets team the Columbus away or no it's a breakaway for Brennan. Pinera in shoots. Grove our. Girl. Oh. Save the game. So far by either team. Philip crew our coming up large keeping that puck out of the net. And this is why because it's being down by goal game was tied and Sam Gerard got up on his horse. It did this on this captain taking a beating in front of the net. This time by Sheldon dries was able to kick the puck free. And now behind the play. It's Felino and MS going at it. Sam Gerard on the chart for the ads. Those shots. Oh my goodness. Hang up. Stick side on Sergei across gate the gate itself. First lady the game for the Avs. Thanks, same Girard. He has his third goal of the season. And the ads are feeling good here with five forty five fifty four excuse me to go in the second. Sweet Sam terrar- his third from Borka dries at fourteen o six of the second period. And the Cavs take the lead three to one of those one of those moments in your life. That you're super excited about that. You definitely, you know, something about happening. And you're like, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And then that oh, yes. Elite turns into no, oh, no. This was a lot like that. Scott Kenan stretches to stay on side. Does leaves a for Thyssen berry berry. Scape man Perry was right down. Broadway. Figure comes Cam Atkinson. Shoots and score. Oh, my goodness gracious. If you're a fan of hockey fan of this hockey game, if you're a fan of the ads, you're shaking your head. Golden no platinum opportunities for the ads on one end up breakaway for Cam Atkinson, the other and he sneaks it between the pad in the post and this once again is a tie hockey game with eighteen point nine seconds left in the second period. Yup. Look like it was going to be a two-goal lead for Colorado. All of a sudden it turns into a tie game. Thanks to Cam Atkinson, scoring his twenty ninth goal this season from narrative nineteen forty one of the second and the jackets in the ass. All three goals of peace after two periods of hockey. The abso outshooting the blue jackets twenty six to eighteen through two periods of hockey the Avs over two on the power play. The jackets are yet to get a power play..

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