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As you probably know vodka goes well with tonic in orange juice but it is far more versatile than just being a beverage here's what else vodka can do according to the website mom dot me it will remove a band date if you've got a band aid you want to remove without the pain of ripping it off dab some vodka over the adhesive part and it will come off with more ease this method also works with stickers that are tough to get off it'll treat poison ivy if you think your skin has come into contact with poison ivy pour vodka over the affected area immediately it works in the laundry if you don't have time to wash your clothes you can spit some vodka on them to fresh in them up vodka will kill odor causing bacteria on your clothes and it dries with no smell vodka can be an insect repellent you pour some vodka into a spray bottle repel insects you can spray it near you or on you just don't spray it in your eyes it will keep flowers fresh mixed vodka with a spoonful of sugar or baking soda with water to keep your flowers fresher in the vase for longer and it will wash windows instead of buying blue window cleaner try using vodka to clean your windows just mix them cheap high prove vodka with water spray and clean and that is something you should know we are so close to hitting a thousand reviews on i tunes or apple podcasts so if you have a moment please leave a rating review it only takes a second i just wanna hit i wanna hit that thousand number i'm mike carruthers thanks for listening today to something you should know.

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