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On seven ten. Seven forty two story Atta Virginia has made national headlines, and as far as we know democrat Ralph Northam still the governor of Virginia despite all the calls for him to resign over that law school yearbook picture, which I said that was him as one of the two either wearing black face KKK outfit. Ray said it wasn't him. And then he did admit though, that he wants dressed up as Michael Jackson did the moonwalk with old shoe polish on his face. So a lot of people calling for his resignation. The question's been raised. Should that be enough to force a guy out of office a picture that services many years later? Well, let's check in with ABC news correspondent Zachary quiche in Richmond Virginia and Zachary that supposedly there was a a high level meeting last night with Nordstrom and all of his people any word on that. Well, first of all good morning, guys. That was the word last night. Hearing from sources that there was a meeting going on between high level staffers, and the governor there those offices are those options are just adjacent to the governor's mentioned Mnuchin some activity up there is you know, doing our live shots in. Just poking around China asking questions to be have not got any clear indication as of this morning in terms of what came out of those meetings, so Zachary it seems like every democrat has turned on this guy. Does he have any support at all in the state? I mean, I think that that's that's the real big big year. And the question is how can you go forward under Mr. they are here's laws almost all support not only in the state, but around the country. I mean, if you look at the big names from the Democratic Party, whether it's Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, Cory Booker. A number of the democratic presidential candidates have distanced themselves from the governor has has Nancy Pelosi. I mean, the Democratic Party is really trying to has really tried to positioning joke. The party of the people the party braces diversity party is on the edge. Kind of changing demographics and. The ability to speak to a broader demographic. And certainly this doesn't do anything to support that narrative on the phone with ABC news correspondent Zachary Kishan Richmond Virginia Zachary, how popular is the government is is the governor in Virginia. One more time. How popular is the governor in Virginia. Well, he, you know, he he. I guess the question is you know, what? What's the difference? A couple of days days can make. I mean. Before this controversy was he popular. Well, I think that in recent days there has been some controversy certainly publican party about his stance on late term abortion. And I think it's par for the course that Republicans are adamant, you know, this pressure for him to resign is coming from both sides. I think what's most concerning and top of mind in terms of his ability to March forward is this support that he's launched his own party. But you know, I can tell you that you know, they were small group of protesters outside the mansion on on on Saturday morning. And most of those people were originally supporters of of the governor day said that they voted for the governor on his promise in their belief that he could bring some change to the government. And and and be the kind of guy that us all inclusive base deal that you know, she hasn't been able to deliver that and because of these accusations because these photos and really unanswered questions. And he would be unable to do that moving forward. Zachary? Is there any sympathy for him is anyone claiming that, hey, come on? This is a picture for many years ago. Should that the rail a man's career? All these years later. Sure, I think there's questions some cheddar around that I talked to a gentleman last night with the Congressional Black caucus who felt that. There might be a real opportunity yet redemption here for the government, but that opportunity is not going to happen in his opinion. While he's still in office. It's not the place for him to to work those things out. But let's be honest here. This is this is a situation that reflects merica, right? We I think we all can say progress never comes back. No. But let you say fifty sixty years there has been incredible shifts as relates to way, we do with race in this country. And let's be honest. The governor is not alone. There's people out there that we interact with on a daily basis, whether it's at our jobs, whether it's in our communities, whether these are feelings that they holding their heart or their photos that are published in a yearbook, I think the way that people handle race specifically around issues related to black and white has changed. This is a real opportunity really highlights that I think. All right. So that's jesse's though, Zachary quiche ABC news correspondent in Richmond Zachary. Thanks a lot. We'll check with your light. Appreciate it. You know, what I was thinking about is that when when this governor, I he said it was him in the picture, then he said it wasn't him. Right. And then he came up with this story the other day that same year I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume. I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that. I think that's gonna do him in. But if you dark in your face, all you have to do is where the glove and some sparkly pants, and people know, you're Michael Jackson back then. That's that's that's the straw right there. I think that people wait a second. He's got he's got some kind of lack of sensitivity. I don't know east host. I understand what you're saying. You're you're making argument, which I find fascinating that he shouldn't be penalized for a picture from all these this is a larger question. I mean, you destroy a man's career because of something he did when he was in college or grad school at a different time. Yeah. May have been stupid and insensitive. But do you want the past to come back and destroy everybody? I think a lot of Democrats do I think there's zero tolerance for any of this stuff that will be offensive to minorities. This party is hypersensitive right now. And they are on the warpath that anyone who does anything that they deem offensive. You think from one side? I think the Democrats will actually the New Democrats who played this identity. Politics are hell bent on vengeance. There's some thought that these Republicans who leaked these pictures to the media to get back at him for his stance on abortion. Yeah. Wash pictures are there. Wow. All right. Thank you, Michael when we return just see smaller. Remember the empire actor who said he was assaulted in. Chicago took the stage in LA with some choice remarks..

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