Us Attorney, Clinton, Joseph Degen discussed on Secure Freedom Radio


Radio with frank gaffney from the nation's capital in washington dc quebec it's a pleasure to say joined by joseph degen uva one of the really extraordinary resources for both this program and most of the free world at the moment when it comes to matters involving the threats that we're facing to our republic from the kinds of problems that have now become manifest since the election of donald trump the deep state the efforts of participants in our federal bureaucracy to undermine the rule of law and not least to overturn the democratic election of donald trump as president of the united states of joe is a man who knows his way around the law he is the founding partner of a law firm digenova an tensing is a former the us attorney for the district of columbia he has served in a variety of other extraordinarily important capacities notably as an independent council in connection with the clinton passport file search scandal he's also been a chief counsel and staff director for the senate judiciary committee which is much in the news at the moment joe digenova it is a great pleasure to have you with us i know you are overseas at the moment but we're very appreciative of you taking a few minutes to talk with us about among other things this new report by the inspector general of the justice department michael horowitz.

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