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To the airport just out of sight. She. She got ticket and she went to Venice and she was photographing him from a distance and it's all these sort of you know photos of the back of his head. and. So and you know her whole practice is very. voyeuristic it's about trying to get to know people based on the ephemera of their lives She has another piece from the following year called the hotel where she works as a cleaning person hotel in goes through strangers, things and tries to know everything find out everything she can about them. and. So these are these are like highly conceptual character based pieces about. I mean to me the longing to to no strangers stories based on the little pieces that. You see of them out in the world, and so I wanted I mean I've always been interested in audio as a format for performance art as the deliverable for performance art. and so I was interested in doing something similar where I also chose a stranger and followed them. and Veto County. Is famous performance artist. He also had a piece in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine. That was literally called following peace. And he has a quote about it where he says I almost not an eye anymore because I put myself in the service of this scheme and that was what I ended up achieving at certain moments of this piece where like I wanted to forget myself because I was so immersed in another person's life like I wanted that feeling 'cause being an I is so lonely and so by like committing to Sophia the obsession with Sophia for six months I did lose myself in it and I did need an obsession at that time and I do think of Obsession as a cure for depression. Is there anything else that you think of when you think about? What gave you fuel when you were working through this piece Totally I mean it's such such a private. It almost is a lonely experience until the pieces released because you're so alone in this obsession with this person. But the the book nausea came to me. Through an artist friend. Named nerve on Malek it's a bit of a cliche like a little embarrassing to be like reading I don't Know College Kid Discovers existentialism but like. It's we need that you know. It's very earnest. But, my Ervan Malek, his entire career has been based around an obsession of perfect moments and and he's been working on a one second film for twenty five years and. And he actually is the one who told me about nausea because it mentions perfect moments and in nausea there's a there's a thread of. Of Him trying to find perfect moments in the city and That definitely. Is Very present in the piece actually nerve I another friend we text each other perfect moment from every day as a practice Oh and So. That was definitely inspiring me because I feel like Sophia some people orient themselves their lives in a way to create and find perfect moments and the way nerve lives his life. He definitely does that and I try to as well because we have this practice and and Sophia does that too I mean she on the corner she's. Looking for perfect moments and she's trying to create perfect moments and I tried to capture those in the peace and a perfect moment could be you know someone it could be as simple as someone smiling back to her who had smiled the five days previously. Or? A moment of standing in the sun when the sun hits you perfectly. And there were a lot of those Najah and and so like and. Sophia and I had perfect moments in our conversation and so in a way that piece felt like stringing together the perfect moments. Create the ultimate perfect moment. What was your perfect moment yesterday that you texted? I can like literally can literally pull it up. I had so many had a few realizing that I. Don't like bananas finally like just admitting that myself like one of yesterday's perfect moments. Like this guy has small crush on like texted me saying I, did it like he liked a radio made. But a moment can be perfectly terrible as well. Oh. Yeah, like sometimes when things go so perfectly wrong like all at once it's like, wow, this is perfectly horrible but. It's still perfect. I have one more question for you and that is an. Are. You in. Sofia still in touch. We. Are Stone touch, of course. I stay in deep touch if that's a phrase with people when I do like really long. Pieces about them like this. She sends me photos of herself like all decked out like her latest outfits. You know. In all her P P for the pandemic updates on when she moves corners, I always hear about it. You know and just like being a crossing guard in pandemic as a whole new chapter, and so she tells me about how she's still crossing kids to come get their lunches from school, but it's not quite the same. That sort of thing. So yeah, we definitely like. Sh you know I think she still feels lonely. You know especially in the pandemic, it's really hard and she can't hang out with you know normally she sees kids and babysits and that sort of thing, and so we keep in touch, but it's not like it's not nearly to the degree that it used to be just like a check in every couple of weeks. Bianca. Thank you for making this for sharing with us. Oh. Thanks for playing it and thanks for talking to me about it. I really appreciate it. You can find Constellation Prize from the Believer magazine wherever you listen to podcasts. Crossing Guard was written and produced by Bianca favor. It was edited by Hayden Bennett Music by Zubin. Henseler and Stellwagen symphonic mixing. Zubin Henzler special thanks to lily. Allen. Jacob Bloomberg. Andrew Leland Irving Cobb as a heady Jay. Allison and to Sofia. If, you'd like to subscribe to the Believer magazine and we have a discount code for you to. You can enter Dsm for twenty percent off. Debts sex and money is a listener supported production of WNYC. 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