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All right. We're back at this point. We are back on that radio call where we are learning what Bob has been up to sideshow Bob that is and could be a little confusing only this once. And basically we have this great moment where he saying just like, you know, he's on the phone and says, like I was charged for a crime that I didn't commit attempted murder. Do they give you a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry? And it's just such a such a clean joke. It's like such a classic like joke book joke to me, I love it such a good straight up, you know, punch line there. So this point Birch is rallying the troops and letting people know, you know, hey, let's do our job to get sideshow Bob out of prison. Like, let's Stuart weekend and we cut to mos-, but here's the thing, the UAE he likes, I show Bob is because sideshow Bob agrees with him and as a fan. So that's the thing that scary. It's that well, he may be attempted murder. Order, but he's, he's, he's at least on the same page is going to go save him part of the club kind of town, which is insane, which is what's going. Yeah. So Christian. There are people who did bad things on both sides. I will be get that line later from Lisa, just like he's actually the lesser of two evils this time. So at this point, you know, we have Bart listening to the radio program in his headphones, and once we learned that he's free, he yells. No, and we have that great MRs grapple. I love it so much. We why not to show that it's in the middle class and MRs crop is at the front. She said, well, despite BART's objections, the people of South Africa, it can now vote in free democratic election. That's no love that there. Couple moments like that in this, there's that one. And then there's also Lisa snickering at Nelson betting, you know the the bees around or whatever with Willie? Yeah, there's something funny about the word Trump Boehner to you. Simple little joke to, I also want to say, so we're building to eventually, you know, all of the people of Springfield protests. I I about to be released from prison, and then he just quickly gets a pardon from mayor Quimby and we learned that his name is Robert Andrew, Dr. Willa Ghur what a name, Andrew, donc ahead. Write it down. Enter dunk. Enter dank underdog under under Don rock on Iraq. I'm the rock Dwayne, Dwayne, the rock. Jonathan could have all been my autocorrect making a full of me. No, I couldn't get it either. I was trying to figure it out. I didn't want to cheat researched the show that we to gas for UCS. Yeah, we've got other things going on too. I do really love learning full names of characters. It seems to make the world a lot bigger. We get that moment of MOS, which I thought was pretty good where mo- is trying to give everybody a grenade. Oh yeah, yeah. And Barney of all people is the one is able to be like, you know, I think he meant through non-violent crass roots, political action. Again, bring it back to me, please, please when I was at a stray Ilya the Raelians convinced that I am the voice of Barney. Not not like once or twice. Just constantly. Everybody just assumed I was the voice because you keep telling them that you. On my head shot. Fine, dining, headshot, in in quote, quote, quote, voice of partying. Many trillions think I'm the voice of Barney. No, but yeah, I got that constantly dinosaur Barnabus Barney this Marty Barney's. Your Barney fife Barney fife. Yeah, it just didn't trans the the voice I did. I guess, sounds with the accent. Sounds like that. Was it to the point where you were like there's no use fighting this anymore. I just wrote it. I said, yeah, yeah, we have a lot of laughs. So at this point we get a sneak peek of what the Republican party looks like Republican headquarters. Some of the members are Mr. burns and Smithers vampire who's being given a glass of blood and they're all..

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