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We speak with survivors and parents of victims from the massacre in parkland, Florida, some have turned their pain into activism to fight for stronger gun laws ABC's. Juju Chang has more on their story. Dad dance down. This is the room. My daughter used to dancing. I expected to continue watching my daughter dance to go to competitions. Over the years in this room has been a part of my life. You know, all those greens that I had as a dad for my daughter. Darted in this room. Those dreams to watch. His child's hopes realize were ripped from Fred Guttenberger hands one year ago on Valentine's Day. There's an active shooter situation in south Florida seventeen dead after a shooting rampage inside of Florida high school. It was a scene we all hoped. We would never see again a school shooting this time at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school in parkland, Florida, I hear at least nine gunshots. It was just what the other the other. I took a book up, and I held it up like this. And I was holding. It was just a defensive measure, and it helped me feel feel a little better. Like, I was safer. Kept shooting through the particular rectangular window it hit two people who are near to me. In total seventeen lives were cut short. Three faculty members fourteen students Fred's freshman daughter. Jamie was one of them. Barely twenty four hours after her murder. Fred took to the podium at a vigil Jamie was such a special kid all of the kids here are and I just went up, and I just started letting loose what is unfair. Is Jamie took a bullet and is dead. I. I don't know what I do next his first steps in a search for new purpose? I can tell you. Don't tell me. There's no such thing as gun violence. It happened in parkland. I remember saying that night. This time they messed with the wrong community and the Wong dad in the year that followed Fred became one of many parkland, parents and students who turn their grief into a drumbeat. Your comments this week? And those of our president had been pathetically. Weak confronting lawmakers on the national stage fight for your lives before it's someone else's scout becoming accidental activists and perhaps forever. Changing the debate over gun violence. The students behind the March for our lives rally are holding steadfast in their mission. For commonsense gun reform. We've got a main office Jacqueline Coren and Ryan dyke showed us inside their headquarters a tiny office that spawned a nationwide movement. I is a photo from the March on the twenty fourth. People over there. That dot and the fact that where here talking to almost a year later, and we're still going and growing means the world because people still care their first steps is activists came just days after the shooting. Jacklin led a group of parkland students to the Florida state capitol. A student organized movement. They called never again demanding more than just thoughts and prayers from state lawmakers within a month action in Florida and a partial win for gun control advocates governor, Rick Scott signed a law that increased both funding for school security and raise the legal age to buy an assault weapon to twenty one. The students at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school. You made your voices heard. Welcome to the revolution..

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