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Just all idiots every single and then she wins and I can't believe she's still watches her opinion on. That's amazing she's consistent. You know does she do you? I guess she or do you have any sort of big favorites either in seasons or people you've had over the years so I don't know about your Krim seemed seemed like who's the least big idiot from perspective so she's from originally will not originally She lived in San Antonio for a long time. So she is Kim Spradlin Fan Stony Upland with San Antonio and I'd say for me. Generally speaking for me survivor seasons are sort of a wash in less. A woman ends up winning the show. I've always pro the women contest on sand like this season for example going in my my a favorites and no particular order. But I wanted Sandra poverty. Natalie Denise and Kim to do well and I'll tell you that that double booed of Poverty Sandra First Week Quarantine. That actually did hurt me in a deep way. No like setting the tone for quarantine and this is going to be a disaster like this is the last major thing you'll save before you cut yourself off from the outside world unforeseen about a time. Yeah I like the women and I also do. I love it when a gay man can sneak in there and win it too. Yeah so this has been rough for each year I am. I do love Kim Denise Alliance but they can I mean. We'll get to that but I never seem to get on the right side of that vote. Yeah I don't know we really have been seeing Leon like Kim. Saddling is fully inform and winters at war. Even when like after wasting an idol? He's okay I'm finally in on a plan. I'm going to screw over Jeremy. And Lo and behold due to Tony's MAC nations. She's left out once again. All my gosh though. I was dying with Kim being on the money every single to on the fire token every single time. Jeremy Tony's playing us. He's playing you and her calling Tony Outright is face. All of that was so bad. So bad ass. He was so bad. I wrote like Kim knows all in all caps I was that was one of those moments like this is like what straight white men feel when they're heroes are out there like kicking ass like my heroes out there kicking as as loving in empowered as I can do anything am guilty of anything. I can do anything because his also my hero too. She's a lot of like hardcore rooting for I. It's not gonNA go well. I don't think and these next couple episodes for her for her. But this episode or I would love this. Reunions could be weird for many reasons but I know how Jessie like. Little Kids love. You can just imagine either Kim coming out. Jeff says these women in their twenties there just are they love you so much. They're all over. You go to me and the audience. If that was a thing they go to me on zoom exactly like when they used to do like The signs from the contestants hometowns and that person wanted so. You're you're one person celebration at your apartment. Yeah it's like me trying to get my cats involved. Hold the sign. Let's let's talk about this episode because I spoke about at the beginning but what an interesting episode of survivor it's storytelling in particular has been very interesting throughout the entire season but really for the first time in what. I feel like it's been a fairly evenly edited season. We got all Tony all the time. I mean he was so crucially involved in everything to the point where he was the one that made the move. He was the one that found the idol. He was the one that you know had to overcome extortion. And you know I've seen people go back and forth as to whether or not they liked this episode overall Aaron. What did you think about this hour of Tony? So I as I said I do tend to favor the women but Tony is one of the men that I have enjoyed on the show. I think he is very fun to watch Usually I would be so pissed at survivor an episode. Like this. I'd be like Gimme. GimMe a break. But he really. He found an idol he wanted. Mutebi was extorted and he kind up with a plan. So it's like it's sort of his episode. I Dunno Mike. What what were they supposed? How could they have edited around him to make it more balanced but I thought it was spotted? It was he in game changers. He did such a bad job of changing his strategy and he really did do a better job. This time of laying low and it all came flying out. He's like back onto the original island like doing everything and say betraying his own alliance. He's GonNa next week. You know. Try to do damage control. It's like Oh my God he just. He immediately turned back if he loves it. But that's the thing that was he says last week and that secrecy like I pleaded really slow because my wife and remind me that I should do that and then like as soon as wife left. He's like okay because away the mice will play. Let me do everything that I did before and I guess Leon it's just a matter of like I mean it gets a dish showed that patients pays off to a certain extent but I guess at a certain point especially when you're someone like Tony you have to rev up or maybe there was just so much pent up Tony nece inside if cork was gonNA pop off at any point. Yeah that must have been the case because there were even things. I didn't even remember that. Tony did and this episode until I ever watched it Tony. Finding me idol completely forgot about that and what. I was re watching it. I was like what is he digging for. He doesn't dig for the extortion like disadvantage and those. Oh Tony I found an idol. I couldn't even believe that and then I think we're just GONNA get the continuation of that story next week when we have. Tony in his treehouse. Despite shock thing away Tony Moment. That was so funny was when he was reading the extortion clue he and he enters the scene like sliding into home like rounding. I I was like this is insane. I love it because I run away so nobody would know that I was pretty sure people saw sprint. Like Hussein bolt out of Camp Toda. You can't really hide when you're just dashing mile a minute and the noise that that must have made too late not only. Is he running breathing? Heavy and then sliding through all the dirt and sticks and leaves and stuff. It's very obvious. But that editing of that scene was so good because like I also at the Mo- like didn't know exactly if it was an advantage or disadvantage because I kind of miss some of the language the first time I was like okay. Does he get to use it as an extortion. Or is he being extorted by the people on the edge so then by the end it was like this is being played against you. That was so amazing. Oh my God yeah that has to be. I think the shadiest writing an advantage that I've ever seen aside from when Sarah. Apparently said offscreen that said. Don't use the votes deal in the way. Stephen Fishbach did but to like build you up so much of light. This is great. This is what disadvantage will do. Also it's being played on you I guess I guess. I sort of had that last season to write with like Jamal reading through his note of like. Hey you learned a valuable lesson like sometimes you know a good. Somethings are too good to be true. By the way you won't be voting like they really like these sneaks surprises with the survivor writers so shady and sell mean but I love it at the same time so and I think it was good because it was it was ups and downs for Tony. There were there were levels to the performance. It wasn't just one note which also made it really enjoyable. Yeah that's the thing is that I do agree with that. I think this is not something I would like to see every single episode. Because then you get like survivor. Samoa or to go international the most recent season of Australian survivor and that's just not great storytelling but considering how integral Tony was to everything in this episode I could see the editors wanting to have a bit of fun and go a bit unconventional with giving him I think eighteen confessionals or something but I can understand that if people earn fans that they wouldn't necessarily see that but at the same time I feel like we saw enough of everyone else that we got like a general says that's what was happening. It helped the vote was pretty straightforward before. Tony mucked up the works of like okay. We're just GONNA split between Jeremy and Michelle and I mean. I think we have totally for many reasons on the season and one of them is. I think he was able to prevent a pretty. You know. Ho- homage Jeremy Down the line. Vote by taking out arguably I would think someone who was playing one of the best game so far this season I felt bad for so I I have. I liked the other alliance more. Obviously since Kim Denise Fan and so I have been rooting against so fi but Yeah it was sad and I think we've seen this sort of editing pattern throughout the season where it's almost like the episode that you go out. You actually don't get a lot of content which we didn't really get to see a lot from Sophie this episode and that was kind of sad except for at the end which. I don't know how to do this. Baller moment. I mean I know. They're all winners but like still. She's never voted out so one on their eighth time plane so she actually yeah exactly between that and her like walking out saying she needs to take the idol out of her crotch like she just like through. Tsa Away from Jeff and that's the thing as well maybe it's because of like my own brain. I forgot that Sophie had an idol. I know she mentioned it beforehand. But yeah I mean it's it's always tough to track the advantages and I think that Sophie has had that Idelson episode five or so and Lord knows a lot has happened since then right and I thought her whole Michelle's been getting more of it but like I was a lesser winner thing which I don't remember. I haven't rewatch her season because I was. That was the era where it was like. Everybody was getting brought back at every moment and I was so over coach that I really didn't like that season. But I remember loving that. She won and thought she was so deserving so it was. I didn't realize that the fan base sort of hey again. I'm talking to my grandmother. Who thinks they're all idiots? I didn't realize that she was not a beloved winner. Because I was like yes. Soviet rule that was surprising.

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