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Dr bob was handpicked by andy slavik. Who's headed to washington for a few months to help us overcome this pandemic. Don't worry andy we'll be back later this year to host the show. Dr bob leads the medical department at the university of california san francisco each week. Like andy. bob will answer. All of your big and small questions related to covid. Nineteen along with experts insiders and cultural icons from the incoming white house staff to comedians to frontline workers. Join dr bob. Every week on in the bubble hill even try some andy style jokes. You can find in the bubble wherever you get your podcasts. Is there a role in the church in the modern world. Because i feel like when you look at back malcolm even malcolm be muslim It's still he still had a connection to the to the community. But then you look at martin look at everything need did from the when the bus boycott was through the church and i grew up in church as i see that church avenue at saint impact politically that they used to when they were risking. That you know. James cone talked about religion tree about to but at the same time. I just don't see that's being used the way that it is now And that kind of scares me a little. Because i feel like if we look at the barefoot. Jesus was induced. Was a risk taker when it came to religion. And what they did this. It feels like that. We've fallen short of their risk taking ability to be able to go out and say we really believe in us a church in a way not just for prosperity but for change. You know. it's a complicated story to tell michael about the role of black churches in politics. And i say that because you know we tell the standard story that you know black. Churches have been at the center of black politics right. And we tell that story as if it's if it's inherent to black religious life right and in fact what is inherent is what is really singular. Is that black. Churches are independently owned by black people. So they were naturally organizing spaces. They were our institutions right. It didn't mean that the gospel was that was preached from the pulpit was necessarily radical or not. It just meant that that space was singularly hours so it made sense that people were organizing and mobilizing in those institutional spaces but there's always been kind of tension within african american religion man and attention. Has you know people who are in scholarly terms people who have their priestly function and people who have that prophetic function that priestly functions folk simply thinking about your soul trying to make sure you right with regards to dogma and with regards to god. That prophetic function has something to do with. How do we make real the gospel. The lives of folk that matthew twenty five religion right and so as early as nineteen o three. Might you can read into boys as souls of black folk in chapter of the faith of the fathers were says. Churches are differentiating some into institutions. That are more entertaining. That are more for and he's talking in one thousand nine hundred three right so you always have always had in some ways this element in black religious life of churches. That weren't on the front line and what we need to understand. I think is that the prophetic is always in the minor key is never the dominant key. So when we look at today and we see all of these churches so preoccupied with sowing seeds and prosperity gospel. As you mention you see people like cref low dollar and those sorts of folk and say what the hell is going on. Looks like reverend one in dr king loss but then when you look closely and you go to local churches you see some churches out here thinking freddie keynes's church and dallas. They are actually on the front lines door work so it varies so one of the things i say really quickly though is that black. Life is so much more complicated. Now you know even from when your grandfather was growing up who's more. Who's more known now. Oprah beyond the local past who's more influential so because of the nature of black lives being so complicated by market forces by consumer forces by a range of things. The black church isn't a center of black life like at once wise. Because there's so much else happened. I wanted to know because of michael stance politically in the field. I have a question. I want to know because right now like sports politics they're saying it doesn't coexist but religion does on the field. You know it's so we can talk about. We have bible group bible studies. We moved to each group. I go to the bible study. We can be very open the women's specifically but we can be very open about our views religiously and then we don't talk politically. Why does religion. Why is there like There's no barrier there but when we come to political and we're there's a wedge ima- perspective on the people only wanna talk about the the giving side of being in religion like we have to dig deeper into what we are as human beings. And i think sometimes we don't really want to do that because he comes with a risk actually taking a risk of say. We really believe in. That people don't really want to do that. It's like because if they say oh we would pray at because people. Every time we pray at work. I say i don't want to do the prayer as a group because i feel that some of the stuff that i don't feel that this sanction is holy and i feel that the way that the gospels priest inside the locker room is something. That's just a bitch. Elite doesn't really have no sources behind it and just my opinion. I mean you know this okay for folk to kind of get all excited. When tim tebow would get on his knees point up. You know you remember that right now even league anymore. But you're everybody's excited because it doesn't threaten anything you know folks get that you know. Jesus was put on the cross right by wrong. He was challenging principalities empower so there's a way in which the gospel can be understood to unsettle power to unnerve those who hold power. So what happens when you have a particular voicing of religion in public space that is how shall we say. Comfortable with power is comfortable with roll so part of what. i think. The question that you're asking is why is it the case that religion is sanctioned but a kind of political voices and that's because the way in which religion is being articulated voiced in that moment poses no threat to the order things right and so if there's a voicing of the gospel and i heard this in your point michael that really seeks to. She ate justice and love in the arrangements of our world. Then it unsettles for right so if you were at the end of a game saying we wanna pray in the name of jesus. We have justice. In our criminal justice system that we address racial inequality then suddenly jesus talked. We'll be unsettling for some fo is a little bit more than just getting on your knee and expressing your piety in front of thousands of people. So i think you know. How can i put this. I wanna be that moment. If i if i want to bear witness as someone who's a believer want to be that person that they ask in acts. What's wrong with those people. They must be drawn. Something about their behavior is not in alignment with the order of things right. Trying to account for the fact that the way in which you occupy space entire disrupts those who seek power and to to hold on it hold onto it no matter what after that makes sense because i felt that being almost being a cushions you should understand the persecution that comes along with it because his all affleck is always been along that line and i feel that sometimes when you when.

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