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This is a bonus episode coming out today for you on Christmas Day and well. You've you look at the title I did not include what this episodes about because I wanted to be surprised this is this is the official official ended up month hit number one and number two. This'll be the first person I I come back but it's weird thing that I've noticed in my head how amending this year someone who's been on previously in the year much like we started here with our first interview with someone who was ended up being on later on again in the year so like to bring on our special guest and it is not other than Righteous Jesse of the kick out of two podcast and southern underground pro. How's it going Jesse? Say Hello Justin thank you for having me and as I have hold Kevin coup <hes> when I found out that I would be the surprise episode I am also a Christmas present and it feels Dan good to be Christmas. Present doesn't thank you for having me. I appreciate doing this whole subban. It is really crazy. Nothing like going to page in early on but it's really crazy that <hes> a small company from Tennessee and you know you know we we've been featured on the with volunteers <unk> featured on got your five stars. You've actually dedicated all month with and you know it really does a lot in we're. We're extremely appreciative of it so thank you. It's really funny because you know this month. Truly wouldn't have happened without you not even the whole you know something. Obviously you know if there wasn't no southern underground pro there would be no southern underground per month and I wanNA touch on the reason why you're here on the Christmas episode and <hes> about a year ago we weren't seeing either. I really more mostly my fault. I blocked everybody from kick out to a block that kick out a to account the SOP account for my personal account but from wrestling cheers account in January after going to Ray Rose Lascaux Josh prohibition had a nice speech talking about bearing the hatchet with people and I was like you know what this this beef. I have with them as dumb so oh. Let's just start over bear the hatchet and we went from being at odds with each other to now one year later we both been on now each other shows this your second time on this show no and we've we've really built relationship like better than we originally had. In the way I look at Christmas and you know Christmas Day today where you're like sitting around the the tree with family opening up presence in whether you know Kareem even at hard times because I've had years where there's just been hard time through still that that Christmas joy and like we're you know like peace love to all your fellow man. I feel like that kind of year that we've had so to me. You're the perfect guest to have on and just kind of like check kickback and chill and have all the fun conversations that we can have what man I mean. We're welcome both on you know be for the most part dumb on so you know. I feel like that's something we both realize early grown over the year <hes> you know under under Chaffey I sort of we talk. You know fairly regularly almost weekly whether it's an extra twitter whatever <hes> it's cool at school that we've as you know been able to bear the hatchet and Tony that I guess it's funny how just how also holders because you talked about how <hes> Josh tradition of speech <hes> <hes> and I actually just finished up that part series Josh Prohibition on the card is willing to Joshua version is actually leslie hold in the highest regards because without him <hes> without him and across actually I probably would've never does and I don't know like this is something that they would be stopped on or kind of with down on but like without them. I probably would've never gotten as in the backyard wrestling I did which in turn would've not I would've not trained to be a pro wrestler and then literally none of this would have happened for me so it's just it's crazy. Just how full circle what goes in like how many layers argue it if you like really dig also I'm very sorry for any coughing gang over this horrible infection that just won't go away. Have how how much of the backyard wrestling series to do you watch how dude I had every single B._V._d.. Up In ahead I think they did. I don't know if you I think it's technically seventy <hes> but like the sixth and Seventh D._V._D.. Or a double pack where it was basically just death matches from like I._B._M.. Mid South and maybe C._D._W.. And my other shit <hes> but I had every single one of them I had like all my I had had mostly like the weird offshoots to <hes> and it was always like a weird thing where Bret Ni- always wanted to be on those entities but we never sent our stuff in for whatever reason <hes> I think we were Kinda disturbed because we were hungry like like between the ages of Thirteen fifteen where I think in our heads even when we watched him we were like they don't want from like thirteen or fourteen year old really told it's probably best. We didn't send in early. Show <hes> the stuff after we trained Holy Holy Shit that probably probably would have had a d._v._d.. Of its own because we were doing some wild stuff. Do you remember or did you have the passion for Pain D._V._d.. Oh that dude so <hes> actually another funny story I did have the D._V._d.. <hes> I watched that probably so much that it started skipping <hes> but I actually went on spotify today. <hes> and I was looking for then against me EP E._P._A.. Called the discovery for the breakdown and because of Josh Prohibition Matt Matt Cross. I found against me because this go before the break down. Would I believe the last song played on a passion for pain <hes> and because of them I found one oh my favorite punk band and passion from pain. I'm sorry just go before. The break down is not on spotify anymore. I was real bummed when I found that out today. The funny thing is I just got a passion for Pain D._V._d.. Yesterday like Jake that's. That's one of my favorite D._v._D.'s but I I never go. I didn't know about it until I went to my first independent show and the first piece of merchandise I bought off a wrestler was from met Cross. I bought the passion for Pain Pain D._V._d.. which it was just you know they? He redid it like he just printed out the packaging for it. Put It in a in a d._V._d.. Case and like deal with a d._V._d.. Are for the actual D._V._D.. And I I thought that was just like what the together I found. That was an actual d._v._D.. That you could have bought and I just bought like it was last week. I bought it off Ebay. It came with that in volume five turns out volume. Five was the one on d._V._D.. That I need not counting six and seven and ironically enough. I just looked up last night like what six seven was. It was basically what you explain that yet. It's like just like death matches from no independent organizations so <hes> if funny because like <hes>. There's actually a gift circulating right now. I think it's <hes> J._C.. Bailey Maddening Opondo in the circus death match <hes> where they come off a scaffold onto like just a net of barbed wire and that's like circulating on twitter right now and those sooner I thought I was like Oh that was on backyard wrestling system seven like I watched that match probably hundreds of times just because it was so insane insane because there's just a net of barbed wire on the ring hit so hard and vows and now like Connor Class trampolines and stuff until you just seeing that when you're like thirteen yeah it's insane like growing up the only ones that I seem to an ex like like obviously a girlfriend in high school. Her brother had volume one into one V._H._S. and I got the borrow them and I remember that's what I like. I found out about this whole world. I never seen anything until years later and all finding out everything you know about all these other D._v._d.'s and everything the still the the passion for pain the fact that it was you know 'em dog and Josh prohibition putting that thing together like it was basically jackass style and I can't remember if it was like before or after jackets when they officially did everything but when I used to go to p._W._a.. Slash prime wrestling shows when they were in Cleveland. <hes> an ops M._d.. was there I would always come up with signs. That were a reference to that D._V._d.. Like I created a sign one time. That's party box. <hes> I created another trying to remember some of the other ones I know I did one that said like don't come home bleeding which is technically a reference for passion for pain but that was the title they wanted. I remember dog set on art of wrestling's like because his mom always said like don't come home bleeding <hes> <hes> there was another one that I'd have to look up in it might have been the whole Cogan name that they had you know because of all the Hulk Hogan Macho man thing. I can't remember if that was home. Larry Korea exactly the found in like okay. We're GONNA have all these like eras of when we were wrestling and then we're gonNA just throw US dicken around like it's just like I remember him Matt. Tell the story about how <hes> if you remember they got one like exercise machine like one of those ones that can like shaped like a bike but you can like pull it forward and like rise up and they put it in the back of a pickup truck driving around like Romaine or whatever <unk> something probably like that. It's been awhile since I've watched it like sons. I bought a official D._V._D.. WanNa Rewatch it and I'm actually planning on Heaven both Dogan J. Pro sign that just like my other copies. It's so awesome. I've even told him because he doesn't sell anymore. I'm like online and by it because that D._v._d.. Is Awesome it really like if if I would have been in your area for those shows way back when I saw you remake signed in reference to passion for pain I probably would have been across the room from you at the next show for a high fever signed because for some reason the hi Ho beaver segments just like Britain I used to like reference. I'm from some all the time and I was always a chicken shit and afraid Detroit where the Napa with my teeth worst idea but I think it's joshes brother though that the new creeping death <hes> yeah man like <hes> it was it was the first a dummy shower too was and universal world <hes> amount mistaken that was Tommy end in radio. Yes is that was the main event. Just I was <hes> I actually reached out to Tommy end a few weeks before and asked him if we can do an interview and he said Yeah so after the show I went up to England like I'm the guy you talked to on twitter. Whenever you have time like I know you've probably got a so merge and change and stuff and he was like really cool <hes> for while he was taking care of his stuff? I actually got to talk to that cross in Josh anytime that before Nashville <hes> but I hadn't met Josh in out of the two like obviously no slight the Matt. Josh was always my favorite Josh. This is like you know Matt was like he had like a food new Guinness <hes> as what the rapper the nick in Josh is like the more punk rock straight edge yeah you know and that's what I identified with more. <hes> may have actually been how I found sure was through Josh <hes> but I like fucking like we're like that weirdly like excited to talk about them. At the same time they'll like didn't even try to record. Anything was just like genuinely excited to get talking to them. I tell them how much they meant to me. <hes> and like I British Josh he was how I if I'm sure and then he was like well hope. It's not ruining the experience. I'm standing here drinking a Beer Co.. 'cause I'm not anymore anymore. Either and we got the like laugh over that and talk and he'll I was wondering a ghost shirt actually and he was like is that abandoned like Oh yeah he was like I I don't keep up with music that the kids are listening to anymore and it was just so funny to me <hes> <hes> and then from that like spider nate lead join the conversation and that led US interviewing mate and it was incredible like it was just such a weird knicks of like knee just hanging out with guys that I watched in like look up to the kid so weird acquit comes too late J. Pro and m dog I because I didn't really grow up watching them like those type of things but if I had to pick a favourite it's really hard because the thing that I love about April that I fell in love with him when I started watching independent wrestling is his promo skills. There's a promo that I could find online. It's literally from the <hes> The for the feud that I caught with him like okay I think I don't know if I mentioned before yeah. I think it was it might have been on our <hes> crossover episode one of them. I said like my the first match I ever seen. was M dog J..

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