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The O W Chattanooga cumulus Media Station from ABC News. I'm Dave Packard. Closing arguments are underway in the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump House manager Davidsen Cellini on the Senate floor. No one is suggesting that President Trump intended every detail of what happened on January 6th. When he directed the sea of thousands before him, who reportedly ready to engage in real violence When you told that crowd to fight like hell He incited violence targeted at the Capitol, and he most certainly foresaw it. Late. House manager Jamie Raskin of Maryland, said any belief that Trump's behavior or in action during the attack is not a constitutional fence is simply false. When my opposing counsel says that you should ignore the president's actions after the insurrection began that is plainly wrong. President's defense team will present their arguments later for about an hour. Today, it seemed that there would be witnesses called the Senate voted to consider it. But with the specter of a parade of witnesses dragging the trial on for weeks, the Senate reaching a deal toe skip witness's testimony after all, under that deal, representative Jamie Herrera Butler's statement on a phone call between Trump and Was Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, as rioters stormed the capital was entered into the trial record is evidence after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, both parties have made timely filings of this evidence with the secretary of the Senate and a provided copies to each other. And Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell has told colleagues he'll vote to acquit Donald Trump in the trial. The CDC releasing guidelines for reopening schools with color codes from red to blue, according to Corona virus transmission rates in the area teachers encouraged but not required to be vaccinated. Also, a God to modify classrooms, says ABC Is Alex Appreciate. The 15 recommendations include spacing students, 6 ft apart in the same direction. Increasing ventilation and setting up hand sanitizing stations, mass and social distancing urge for all zones. You're listening to.

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