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Couple of hundred years that's some yeah that's like a less the thing too with Colorado especially the mountains Zombie outbreak. You go the mountains. Because once it gets cold they gotta trudge through all that stuff their muscle tissues and stuff. We're going to get cold freeze over boom easy and one thing about 'cause I hate being so when Opoku but I don't want to be cold rather take my chances over there. Yes with autism. I hate being cold. I hate fire for unknown. You scraped off your car. That's the worst feeling in the world and you're GONNA say no because I have a garage now found like when I scrape offs and off cars the worst thing in the world and a Hainault you WanNa know what is great. What being cold. Because then it's so nice to curl up and be warm but when you're hot I find it's so much easier to be warm when I'm cold. Then they get hurt coming in after a hot day like a nice cool room than I do coming in after being reasoning. I'm just a hour. I'm a cold blooded creature like my. Isn't that right like reptile? The No. That's what I'm saying is called. I'm going to be caught like whatever the room temperature is like. I'm not a hot earth there. We'll come to this city. The green and the drinks are in our winters. Like forty degrees. Sick Yeah you could go down there. We got great tacos Song Guitar so anyways about my car car so I'm like looking any.

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