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But we all have mouths and I want yours to be as clean as possible with teeth bright as they were meant to be. I will never be without my magic mud. It's a little surprising but man does it work. If you only listen to one thing I say ever go to my magic mud dot Com and get twenty percents off with Code F. T. L. my magic mud dot com code F. T. L. now that you've found the Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. You may WANNA help expose others to our great programs to assist you in doing so you'll find resources at promote dot l. r. n. Dot F._M.. Including details on how to get a free bumper sticker quarter page flyers you can print out distribute manners for your website as well as files that will allow you make your own custom banners and graphics visit Promote Dot L. Dot F._M.. And help bring new listeners to the Liberty Radio Network. That's promote dot L. Dot F._M.. We have some good news. Indictments against raw celebrate in the district of Maryland were dismissed just missed with prejudice meaning. They can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that Ross engaged in murder-for-hire. This was a serious allegation at roles outbreak denies it was never prosecuted or rolled on by jury part was trumpeted by the federal government and the media as if it were proven fact the Maryland Court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning Ross's case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained enroll says appeal to the Supreme Court the fact that the judge used these allegations to ever also draconian sentence of life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial judges or required to issue sentences based on convictions decided by a jury not unproven allegations never even charged at trial although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set Ross free now a presidential pardon is.

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