Larimer County, Pat Water, Commander Mike Hayden discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


A state wide open burn ban goes into effect today, but wildfires across our state still growing. The Cameron Peak fire in Larimer County has burned more than 15,000 acres. And while there was some moisture in the area yesterday, incident, Commander Mike Hayden says it was minimal. It takes a lot of words should really put fires like this out. We didn't receive anywhere near those quantities. For something like this event. So, while today is a good thing, a little bit of moisture we're hoping for a lot more in the future. They're still road closures in the area, and the county has implemented mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders around the fire out West. These two fires, causing problems for firefighters due to extreme behavior, and so far no timetable to reopen. I 70 through gun with canyon as the Grizzly Creek fire burns in the area. It's currently at more than 28,000 acres. Your Grand junction, The Pine Gulch Fire has grown into the state's second largest. It's currently in more than 125,000 acres. And just 14% containment. Experts were predicting a drop in weekly unemployment claims, but the numbers are still way above normal levels. Let's get the latest figures from Katie's radio money editor Pat Water. Yeah, and they did not get to drop that they were expecting. Of course, jobless claims had been on a downward trend for quite some time before the spike in covered 19 cases led to a spike in claims. They have been coming down in recent weeks. But today we learned that 1.1 million Americans filed first time claims for benefits last week that is actually up about 136,000 from the previous week. Initial claims have been more than a million every week for the last five months. Pat watered K Away news Radio Democrats put a wrap on their national convention tonight is the party turns its focus to November..

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