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One six in chicago and five of the lakers he was a disaster with the new york knicks nick sabin successful at michigan state lsu an alabama he's a legend where did he fail in the dysfunction of the miami dolphins my entire career i've had nothing but great great environments except one i flourished in vegas first job i flourished in portland espn and fox both worked very well i struggled in tampa bad gm bad news director both been fired i couldn't overcome uttered as function it is very very hard no matter how hard you work and how good and potentially talented you are that's why great actors end up in bad movies they can't overcome a bad director sam darnold is the best quarterback prospect in this draft but my concerns were always can overcome cleveland good god folks bill bella checks the best football coach of my life he got fired in cleveland so now darnold may drop the number two with the giants stable franchise smart people real d defense he may fall denver at five don't kid yourself if he was available even with case keenum they take him by the way buffalo now can move up to number two they have been historically weird but i like their staff right now they have a real defense they made the playoffs last year i take buffalo over cleveland here's the two things you need to know cleveland no matter what quarterback goes there the general manager john dorsey didn't hire this staff he inherited it so whoever goes there and now it's going to be baker is going to have a different staff in year two than he gets as a rookie.

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