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A further bud like marsha what dili dearly and many says it again delay daily i'm just here for account of paint man i kinda like it i just east timor exterior flat in the color barn would gray guliashvili billy billy if this means delightful is that what that means yeah the origins of dili are in a shortening of the word delightful or delicious possibly from the 1930's oh this predates the 1930s i don't know if you well commercial a nursery rhyme titled lavender's blue dates back to the cell seven t century and it uses dili delhi as part of its cadence a most of its lines and then of course there was the boro lives song so dear to my heart and 1949 that also used dili dili and the bud light commercial there's one of british television comedy called dad's army which also makes reference to do dili deli sorry no i'm sorry during the um during the worst of the fires in northern california there were insurance companies hiring private firefighters i had no idea that this had happened did nodded but yeah there was a guy home up there and cinema county dick fredericks is his name and he got a phone call when these fires were ripping through neighborhoods and he got some as he calls them magical words his home was safe the message was from a private firefighting service hired by his home insurer included in this message was an email with some two dozen photos including one of one of the services firefighters pumping water from his swimming pool to extinguish the brush fire on his property lie merrin cinema county.

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