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Of Texas right here on the border I'm Sergio Sanchez thanks for tuning in you want to reach out by the Twitter thing or M. as Dennis is that Twitter's after Sergio talk is my address your calls welcome eight four four three four four thirty two sixty two it up in Philadelphia the Bar Association all these lawyers they're supposed to be upholding representing law enforcing the law and and judges as well up in Philadelphia did you know that the Philadelphia Bar Association judges lawyers telling them to resist immigration customs enforcement arrests the head of the Philadelphia Bar Association this week compared immigration customs enforcement to a police state and called on lawyers and judges and other court house personnel to resist immigration customs enforcement ice when officers attempt to make an arrest at county courthouse in anywhere near the the county court house or or courthouse facilities see the clash over the sanctuary cities it's been escalating over the past several months you got some several localities several states they're pushing back against a trump trump administration and trump administration trying to enforce the law during the Obama administration during the Obama here years okay Ivana ministration prioritize the capture and deportation they prioritize the capture deportation through ice immigration customs enforcement of criminal aliens people who had broken the law they were in the process of being released from jail may have been released from jail and they needed to leave the need to be booted from the country they need to find those individuals who were a threat to safe they prioritize the application what to look for those individual and kick them in the country and they threw a lot of people from the country during the Obama years the trump administration is taking this and going even further find out more of them wherever they are and don't put the kid gloves on especially if they are in a house of of law enforcement which would be a courthouse federal or or state courthouse county courthouse they're in the country illegally a U. especially when you have these the sanctuary city sanctuary state policies that will not acknowledge a federal request for entertainer all this do it is is a bad guy he's getting out of jail could you please hold them until we fill up but heck ups on put on a plane sent it back to where we came from a sanctuary city policies no they push back against of like in order to support separate families sanctuary city backers claiming that the arrests at courthouses all that leads to is frightened illegal immigrants that won't show up for court cases at county for a domestic violence situation for example the trump administration is trying to enforce the law and you got individuals who are also charged with enforcing the law attorneys judges Bar Association of the Philadelphia openly calling on their attorneys or judges to disobey ice did not work with ice that's yes B. O. S. S. that is treasonous in my opinion and I don't know if if you're worried this you probably not but I wasn't aware of this there is a retailer and I'm not gonna say their name to give them publicity but if I can go being the thing don't Google Google being the thing I found out about this because or after the talk show host rocks in here K. where he is but he was talking with friends here at the local level on the U. S. Mexico border we have this national chain national retailer that opened up a store and a big fancy fancy Malir accountable big pretty mall there you go fish for them they this this make up cosmetic makeup retailer they actively push back against ice immigration customs import in fact it is part of their it's simply part of their their business for me either their business approach all I'm on their website but Sam was showing me how their website at proceeds of what you buy with this retailer this cosmetics in NWT return a portion which by goes to I'm guessing organizations that they defend illegal immigrants are or defend these migrant causes an after door and right here on the U. S. Mexico border work I've got border patrol agents up and down the river immigration customs enforcement popping around they're my friends I pray for them the baby find every single day that nothing bad happened to them to try to enforce the law they're they're doing the best they can with the trump administration to enforce border security at a time when you think with corona virus and other health concerns on the border we would need to double up on things like that right okay let me play Hey Steve I want to go back to cut eight until sound the cutlass as Bernie Sanders he was as I think it was at the fox news town hall he was asked Hey Bernie because a corona virus would you be open to maybe cutting down via U. S. Mexico border what he say burning god still had to if you had to would you close down the borders think about it think about it like the tone of the no it's not like no I wouldn't or wow let me think about it's like no of the rise of the like why would it why would I even think that is preposterous ridiculous for me to think that know what I would do with immigration customs enforcement my friends over the border patrol every single day they risk their life in every now and then they come under attack and they they get their teeth kicked and they got wrestled to the ground to get beaten up and they get rocks thrown at them every now and then they're shocked to come across from Mexican side towards him as well you never hear about that on national news but it happens in Israel a customs border protection C. B. P. they have a collection of press release that you need to know about it I would encourage you patriots nationwide you go fish for that you will find the C. B. P. website C. B. B. dot gov newsroom you can find the long list of all these press releases fascinating read look at all that wonderful news on a gathering of news it never gets repeated nationwide these people who risk their lives they are not welcome at that national retailer that just opened up another little store over here in in my big fancy French mall McAllen Texas I'm not considered negative for them but look for this term ice free zone and I'm not talking about you know having warm drinks rum tempting about immigration customs enforcement and it's a better it's a sign at the entrance as a result it says at the bottom when you have to purchase sign we will not allow immigration customs enforcement to enter because we believe the safety and security is the right to everyone no exceptions how absolutely D. ranges from below what in H. E. double hockey sticks you think I support tool doing every single day other than trying to enforce the law in right here this one last chance a look for those were tight ice free zone but the word make a paying it as if you find a name that nationally there that they just put their other business approach to try to cater to the snow flakes tricare to to the crowd that they believe that we are the enemy that border patrol is the enemy that ice is the enemy that we're putting children in cages let me give you another example of what makes news at the national level from the ASX closely to press and repeated by in this case CBS news do do do do do and I'm sure it bad bad bad bad ABC everybody else shot being fired even the coolest news now saying that they will gravitate to stuff like this it repeated several times Baird in between the primary news today the election is a day they will not only ignore the fact that we had to service members that were killed in Iraq fighting ISIS but they will ignore the huge stack of there's a look at that a little sliver for any all tuning in online on our station here talk radio what Facebook thing I do the third hour live not only the recording there I got a little sliver about seven eight pages that's just a small sliver of the long long book that is a press release from border toll on hard news portal saving people what our toll taken into custody sex offenders border patrol taking MS thirteen gangsters in the because the every single day all across the south was were told no that's not the news that gets reported this is the news they get signed and dated N. A. C. B. S. news twenty two year old asylum seeker from what the mileage detained by US immigration authorities has died at a Texas hospital you know what the you know what the headline to this is twenty two year old watermelon asylum seeker dies in ice custody it is the eighth death since October at the position this not not even thinking twice about how damning the way this is position how damning it is for our people for our law enforcement almost as what to try to blame them but the fact that this individual this young woman suffered appendicitis had to be taken to hospital did not survive the incident that other incidents were kids die from the flu some guy had a heart attack all these does a good part of it is the H. death again the drumbeat the war against ISIS against border patrol eighth death is is gonna be the coronavirus thing we've got now twenty two deaths nationwide I think that's news some hills director some editor some decision maker up in a glass tower New York up in New York City the assignment is we go with that what are the S. C. department of all have to death in US custody meantime the big pool of news from our brave immigration customs for some people tasked with finding criminals capturing and kicking around the country all this stuff done get report let me just go through that little sliver small sample this is literally me doing this this is what you're going to your truck and taking a dip stick oil taking it out and that little bit of oil at the end yeah this little bit of oil and the big task oil in your truck S. last press releases every single day and none of it captures the attention the imagination of the leftist media leftist minded news decision makers in New York in Washington but you know that already.

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