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That seven am saturdays or sundays or both evan to nine am and i just i want you both i love you both thank you excellent thank you excellent is tend to not the p this thing that quite leonard kept him only nine games last year is it something the lakers should be seriously worried about it and how long like just give us your overview on how how much of an issue this should be with any team the traits for quite i don't think it should be an it my wife always says i never answered the question so i'm going to start by answering your question immediately i do not believe this is going to be an issue for the lakers or any other team and let me give you a quick clap revision of leaning what ossification in the quadriceps muscle really needs when you bang your quadriceps and you are watching games all the time on ireland and we love you for it yeah you bang and you get the knees nocco you get a bruise and it turns black and blue your body then turns it into green and yellow and you absorb it and so the cop revision is water it's a liquid you put it in your freezer to make an ice cube if you go to soon it becomes slush so you go from liquid to slush half liquid heff solid you keep it in the freezer longer and it becomes solid becomes ice this is what happens with a bruise contusion it's actually blood becomes like chocolate pudding and o'clock and then it becomes apple juice and liquid again that's the usual way injuries occur okay got it now dr clapper what's the is it is rest the only thing that makes it better this is definitely something that we can treat with oltra sound and all these other great things that he got his second opinions and whatnot but you can essentially get the slush to not go to ice via solids but to go back to be apple juice in a liquid that your body can absorb and once we're able to do that he has a normal quadriceps again but it is painful john while it's occurring and they should really have respected his feeling of pain but i see no problem going forward in the future all right so how do you feel about moving to young pieces for because i i know we got you right out.

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