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To give florida international university students of safe route across a busy roadway in a sudden catastrophic failure the bridge crash down across eight lanes of highway yesterday flattening cars and killing at least four people if i you president mark rosenberg all we can do is promise very thorough investigation getting to the bottom of this and mourn those who we've lost nine people had been pulled from the rebel by evening including two who required immediate surgery special counsel robert muller has subpoenaed the trump organization for documents related to his investigation into whether donald trump's associates colluded with russia's efforts to interfere in the presidential election an attorney for the trump organization says the organization has been voluntarily producing documents to the special counsel for months referring to reports of a subpoena being issued he called it old news but didn't directly confirm the issuance of the subpoena president trump has reportedly decided to replace his national security adviser h r mcmaster but the move is not expected to be made immediately the washington post says trump is considering several possible replacements including former us ambassador to the un john bolton and keith kellogg the chief of staff of the national security council prosecutors in houston have started an investigation to determine if criminal charges are warranted follow the death of a puppy that was forced into an overhead bin on a flight earlier this week united airlines says a flight attendant who ordered the passenger to put her pet carrier in the overhead bin aboard a houston to new york flight monday didn't know there was a dog inside the family that owned the dog and other passengers contradicted the airlines account saying the dog sparks were audible from inside the bin and we have our first major upset of the.

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