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Right and on the will of reins all right case stayed at texas and here's your bill snyder as a road underdog spots of take it away go ahead gives a good number here yeah he hero either right there's always yet numbers with bill snyder and how you sent pete returned and two thousand nine at a sidelined in any underdog role in the regular she than thirty win thirteen lots of soy thirty and thirteen against the spread in the underdog role so it had seventy percent i'll tell you i i would sign me up seventy percent if i could hit seventy percent every year to the day i died why would i won't be talking to your right now and be a very rich man i support this game go look i love the improvement that i've seen out attacks it defensively the last couple of weeks i also think kansas state though is relatively onedimensional on offense it jeff beer and really nobody out defense way and they're just to saleh's what they've been in past years i like kansas state but i actually prefer the under and that's what i think it a very low scoring game the last three meetings have averages thirty three total points per game so under forty nine is my favorite picking out the kansas they put the poor and a half oh okay double play there all right i'm gonna give you a chance you're before we get to the west virginia again give us a play in one of the late afternoon or evening games that you like the most yeah i kinda like utah at home awful by beigin stamford i don't know why they're getting more than a field goal at home a team that's porno straight up porno against the spread so far they see them now they they did lose their quarterback in and it looks like the mark grachev now graded utah about the.

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