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With attention needs acting out experience hey how are you today so when you're at a red light and the person behind you as soon as that turns screening they beep the horn that's a very good one it's so much fun coming up with these and brainstorming these different scenarios very worthy of its own expression that one i lean in brooklyn you're on wnyc lane so you've gone all the way to an experience and a german word i made up a pretence german word for the feeling that new yorkers get we have our tiny tiny little kitchen and when we travel a lot of the city and we see other people's kitchens and become jealous i have a feeling in a fake german word for that and it is good on that's a very nice pronunciation thank you very much another one of yours the paddock that seizes your body when you see an uncovered mattress on the sidewalk and all that it implies that's something i i experienced daily when i walk my dog around the neighborhood and you've got that german word which is bet swanson gruesome and another one of yours the anxiety feel when you're walking up to a popular brunch destination and another couple is approaching the entrance at a pace that will deliver them slightly ahead of you snagging the very last two top brunch angst ilana in inwood has one high alana hi there the horrible feeling when you realize just a little bit too late that you've jumped on the wrong subway oh boy that is that is a terrible feeling indeed especially if you're on your way to work and you do that in you're on autopilot and you're not thinking about these things a d train this is a d train i thought it was the liz in irvington hello irvington colouring the experience of actually watch other people pushing brutally to get someone out of the way while simultaneously apologizing and saying oh excuse me yeah as long as you apologize it's okay isn't it there's there's a there's some kind of passive aggressive german word for that somewhere in the linguistic universe another one of yours the belief that the wraps will eventually team up to take you out.

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