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Some attraction to the child he'd have flame did yeah and he decides to follow them to their home where he notices that they live in a nice neighborhood in a big house and i think he says quote it look like a nice place to be some day stephen hayes would tell us that joshua told him that he had liked the way the 11yearold girl looked stephen hayes messages joshua a he sends them a text message saying hey i'm chomping at the bit to get started need a maragarita soon to which he gets no reply from joshua seamen hayes then taxed later saying we still on question mark joshua replies yes stephen hayes wants to know if it will be soon in joshua answers i'm putting the kid to bed hold your horses seve and hayes then wrote dude the horses want to get loose l o l at some point the two men get together that evening and they decide to go out to a bar and they're having several drinks i'm guessing what they're doing is they're planning their attack because joshua is telling him about this home that he has become aware of the he followed these two people home from the stop and shop grocery store and he liked their house it was a big house there's probably lots of valuables in there according to haze is confession the two men had planned to rob the pettitte home under cover of darkness leaving the family bound but unharmed the man got into the home through the cellar door remember the cellar door that leads down into their basement from their backyard.

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