Iran, Brian Kilmeade, White House discussed on The Mike Gallagher Show


I could get back in any time i wanted to at a much better deal right right right well not i'm not particularly anxious little ahead you get tax reform done i think it's going to be seven years before you get to return to trump to l we need a couple of extra votes we hope john mccain is going to vote for as we had nobody has any idea but we hope he's gonna vote have yet that is in i probably won't be able to be here so that's very bad that's almost like a no vote think about iran we uh i i do believe ran polls going to come got ran ball aguada do believe he's going to come through i hope he's going to come through and i've got along very well with him whenever i really needed him he's been there for me i must tell you he was there for me and the first healthcare vote two of them rent and frankly he liked the second healthcare better meaning the one that i didn't ask him for the vote because i could see we weren't going to get there right but now we are there and you know i think land will be there and let's see what happens but we have the votes coming up starting on thursday budget is phase one and the vote is phasetwo and if the republicans don't do it it's it's would be disgraceful to them well alleged let's pray they get their act together in their on borders millions of people praying for you if you win we win and i'm grateful that you took some time to join this year and the great idea in my friend from the beginning and as i walked over here very quickly didn't i don't think brian kilmeade was to have that other all right he's a great guy and and we appreciate the effort for the white house to reach out and say hey we're going to reach millions of people with this message because we got to get this done for pulling for your you've been my friend i thank you very much for with read it they were going to lower those taxes we're going to make ourselves competitive again with.

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