David, Florida, Burma discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Sunday, September 10, 2017


And david as you know i drew up here in south florida i grew up with hurricanes and when we woke up to that haunting howling sound of the wind there's only one other storm i thought of hurricane andrew david so many people it said the same thing jeweler thanks to you all day long as well in next all along burma's pat tonight a trail of destruction in back at this hour there are already millions without power in his state abc chief national correspondent tom llamas is important myers tonight tom david we're feeling the brunt of hurricane arm of right down this win is whipping so hard and the rain doesn't stop we had a dominant power but what's really breaking if the infrastructure of the power sector here in florida tonight erbas fear sweden's toppling trees like matchsticks those dangerous gust littering roads crashing into course at stabbing power lines overnight flashes in the sky before first sites of the widespread power outages to come more than two million florida customers now without electricity and federal officials tell abc news that number could shoot up to five million utility vehicles or at the ready to turn the lights back on as soon as it safe but no telling when that will be analysts predict herbal could do two hundred billion dollars worth of damage and were seen it already.

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