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Guys New guy this new head pro or whatever or the or whoever's harassing him sounds like there have been on the greasy side. Yeah yeah and he didn't go to a labor lawyer which a lot of them will do right and file a wrongful dismissal suit and all that stuff and you know. It's just one more thing that that i was impressed with this guy that he did you know and soak of anyway. I thought it was. I thought it was pretty pretty interesting. Story know anyway. he's easy. He ended the hunger strike they. They've they've raised five or six grand form so far so good story could ziani. Meanwhile there was a neat story as well Real heartwarming kind of a story and pertains of the ottawa senators. For those who don't fall the sense that most people who listen to this show but they have a rookie by the name of tim. Stutz ladies the third overall draft pick in the most recent draft. And he's been very good for the sins they could parlay his stats over a full season over eighty two games. He'd be a forty six point guy and for the youngest full-time player in the entire. Nhl that's hell season and it's only gonna get better. So he gets against winnipeg on saturday. He gets his first. Nhl hat trick but of course you lose something something in terms of the celebration because no fans to throw their hats on the ice and so not a tragedy no big thing really but it would have been kind of cool and so tim stood slush shares a townhouse with brady shock where a duplex with brady shock. And josh norris. Talk about three future superstar players all living together and I guess the neighborhood kids all got together. It was only i guess could check talked to a few neighbors and stuff and supposed to be just a few kids but it built it built all kinds of momentum and all these other kids showed up so it looked like maybe twenty kids all armed with about ten hats a piece right and they stood in the backyard of tim. Stitz lewis place right behind the fans and he came out. I guess could shock helped..

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