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And when you're not playing honky you're playing a big huge people by the come to four you it's overwhelming. And so we'll fly in and drive up to the venue and just be like, oh my goodness. It's such a blessing. I can't tell you how thankful we are like to see people spend their money to come see his show. And I mean, it's worth it. Don't get me wrong. But like it's still a blessing to notice crazy to think though, someone who had a dream as like a young child and YouTube like all your dreams like you have these dreams and then to see them come actions a life. It is. It's like what does that feel like is it surreal because you know, you've worked hard for you know, you've earned it. You know that like if anyone deserves to be there. It's you guys, but still to have it happen like when it's happening in real real is it is you know night after night Cam. And I Cam again as tour manager, and we'll be standing side stage. And literally just hearing Chris perform some of these new songs wherever they're like bawling like babies and hope opposed up, and I'll put post up, and I know people probably get sick of it. But truly for me every night because I do love watching him. Do what he does so much. I mean, it would be like anybody in the world married to their best friend someone they love so much watching them do their job. You would be so proud. I would be so proud of him. If he was no matter what he was doing. But his just happens to be performing. And so when I hit hard on the line every single night. And that's what I love about it songs. He puts his heart and soul into every song rights, and and they're all real, and there's every kind of them. But like just hearing him sing the songs. It's pretty amazing. Yeah. And he's got one is a lot to be thankful for. And he's right. I mean, just getting to sit in front of the baby grand at your own house. We got a lot to be thankful for and. I think we all do. And I think that song will relate to a lot of people because I think we just have to remind ourselves in the midst of all the crazy turmoil and a mess that you watch on the news. There's always something good coming out of it. And there's something to be thankful for I love that. So after all this everything you've been through your journey just such journey that you've had as a single mom now. I just country song. Now, Chris and y'all have thriving life in career. What do you think the point of life is oh my gosh. The point of life is loving everybody that you can come in contact with and definitely love and the kids that you raise in raising them right and spending time to discipline them spending time to plant those seeds. So that when I'm dead and gone. There is a legacy. There is something. I hope my daughter daughter's shell I hope that she will live on to have a family and those children will be raised by her. And I hope that legacy that my grandmother has given me and my mother has given me in the strong women in our family. I hope that they will continue to nurture impasse that down that I've passed down to my girls, and my girls will pass that down to the next girls. And I just think that you just have to get all you can out of this life because it goes by so fast. That's that's it. I mean love and do good. Things for people. And no matter what you're doing. Okay. From painting furniture or sitting with Chris the kademi of country music in a fancy dress hanging out with fancy people and people that are just amazing..

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