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Because she's the boss then she's also very very talented she got a lot of really nice complements during this tournament a lot of people were looking up to her and i think she impressed a lot people who do so commerce 80s go annan not so stunner this is not a very good match blossom lee tried rachel ever is took on mardi bell who appearing ridoux of reform gruber google it was marburger yeah it was it was there they try their best that's that's what we're going say with moving on rare ripley took on marina moran dust salinas program a very solid bash eighteen this is basically the get to know you portion of the tournament so yeah it's like a lot of these matches were just solid i think they saved a lot of it for the next round for those at moved on so yeah this was good this was fine meal yelm took on sarah logan i don't know if obama who has say if she is james store is steve austin had a child together it would be sarah logan worker the win but i'd like sarah logan through logan who's one of those already on the contract and she's cute so episode what am i knew favorites another one they need to sign tony store taste on i to raymond who is signed idle row i think she is because they're saying she was discovered at least at a top italic trial so i think she might be intercountry yoko you you about rouge of your yeah so asia raymond very impressive very cool light her i can't wait to see her on an x t love the hell out of tony store she low bundle dynamite she's almost like a female shaw michaels that's what she reminds me up i kept and i love that because it's like it's sean michaels but dunrite because a lot of people try to do shot michaels and they just got it wrong thous two hundred right there we're not going to name names were not going to be me moving on to vets at debbie.

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