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The great majority justified then black civilian slash criminals twice as many white even though the police come in contact with both races and about equal numbers. The ratio is not to the population, the ratios to those that come in contact with And lastly, How often is it in America? Do you comply with what the police tell you to do? And you still get shot. Comply matter who you are comply. Rarely does it happen that a person a civilian absolutely complies with everything the officer said to do and you still get shot. Does that happen? It probably does somewhere you might think about Parana Taylor, but she was lying in bed. That was a mistake. An accident. As faras complying with the police and getting shot. That's the message. It's not about white supremacy or ah or some sort of situational racism. What it is is comply with the police and you don't get shot. If you don't comply, Events spiral out of control. Who knows what's gonna happen? It's continuing their calls. We have thousands. Untold millions were listening coming up. Next is a fine American, A woman who wants to talk about what's happening in and CPS and how things could get better. In Cincinnati. Of course at this point is very difficult because they're not playing sports at all. But coming up, we'll be Laura. What will be an expert on what you can do? And since I public schools in the next few days, maybe change the politics of what's going on Nicole Frederick will be here. Nicole Frederick, who's a leader? Mentoring and Withrow High school to talk about what's happening and what CPS should do about allowing these kids to play a false sports, which is critical now. Cole Frederick coming up next It's your home of the Reds. Hopefully, they're going to win a game tonight against ST Louis. A news radio 700 wlw 700 wlw, Ohio's governor weighs in on the latest trump controversy. Nice Andy Collins. 700 wlw dot com Governor Dwyane on ABC is this week Sunday morning. Asked about a couple of different important issues by host Martha Raddatz. First mail in voting. Is it going to work? We have a very good system in Ohio for many years to decades, I think voters have been able to vote absentee with no reason. Wine says the state is sending an application now to vote from home. Every voter in Ohio is getting it. You can fill that out. They can send that in will get their absentee ballot back. We're asking people if you're going to vote that way, uh, you know to do it is really as you can. The application is coming now send it in, and then they'll send you a secure ballot beginning October 6th. One was also asked about the explosive story being confirmed by multiple news organizations about disparaging remarks allegedly made by the president about veterans and the war dead. Those being provided by anonymous sources to reporters. People should come forward if you know Anonymous sources are interesting, but you know, it's never going to have the credibility, I think for the general public or someone you know people actually come forward. The Atlantic editor in chief says the source's heir credible and known to them, and the Atlantic editor says that he expects more confirmations to come forward. Pope Francis says there is a plague in the world worse than covert 19. ABC is Megan Williams has more from Rome, Pope Francis said Sunday that gossiping is a plague worse than Cove it the pope made the off the cuff comment during his weekly blessing here in Rome, He's often spoken out against gossiping, sometimes aiming his criticism directly at the Vatican bureaucracy. This time. He made the comment when speaking about a Bible passage about the need to correct others privately when they do something wrong, But many survivors of sex abuse say this form of private correction rather than transparency was what allowed sexual predators to operate for so long in the Catholic Church. Megan Williams, ABC News Remember for news any time on demand its 700 wlw dot com I'm Sandy Collins news radio 700 wlw on my Heart Radio online on your smartphone, iPad and tablet 700.

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