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On the hand and you are evoking. you're you're you're listening phenomena with more i would say linguistic nuance than even what he was doing. Which will focus on this. Keep your eyes focused on it. The harder you try to lift your hand though all all that stuff kind of more pointing to the principle of getting them to focus and then setting up the phenomenon. So that's what i got from him and that's why he was like yeah. You don't need transfer hypnosis at all. Why what what are you. View your views on why you don't need trance to get that phenomenon. What do you think okay. Okay okay. yeah what are the of the difference between his views on trans not being necessary versus yours. Okay So there's a lot that i would agree with in in that rendering from jeffrey the For star trump's is trump's again like define it who knows what it is. It's like a thing the dos to exist when you start to flesh it out. So i think you can create any kind of trump's state you one you shape up anyway that you want. So i'm more interested in know whether someone's in trance or out of trance. But how you shaping up the experience you shape experience in one way and cold it. Trump's you go you go to transfer shaped like that so to speak now. What i think the issue is often more one of tightness of focus. Any given time way are experiencing the world through the ideas that we bring to bear upon it in that moment unconsciously now i could be bringing a very narrow set of ideas to Upon this moment and it will shape this moment in a very tightly focused way the would exclude a lot of psychological maneuverability ways of seeing things or i could sort of open up the focus on this moment and allow a lot of different ideas possible. It's his to move through. Sometimes i think of it like as as tightening things. So if if i if i do a hand stick with somebody i want to bring them into a tight set of ideas about what's happening in the moment. I want to exclude a lot of our possibilities. But if i was to do a more generative trounced he's a term from stephen gilligan. I would want to open up the bandwidth and half a sort of space or kind of focused lusa included way way way more possibilities now when somebody drops into everyday trump. Let's say somebody drops into go back to the three principals. Someone says well you know you're not insecure saying you're only you think you're insecure. You just caught up these few insecure thoughts if somebody's going. Oh my god. What if. What if i screw up. What if i screw up. What if i screw up. Their mind has got wrapped around a very small set of ideas. That are not just making sense of the moment but craig networks in the moment. That's like what. I would call a very narrow bandwidth trump's so if the time trump's you know scientifically but politically you could say any state of being trance of one kind or another. So you can have a hands to trust. You have an anxiety trounce. you could have a laugh. Trump's were you at in that moment. What are you rendering up. The itself could have transfer of possibilities or john. Ova of course the of infinite possibilities you can include more or exclude mall. So i don't think it was the where i disagree with. All i if not disagree but different. My description from jeffrey is is ron saying well. This is point and that's when people are in hypnosis. He there were ways in the us. Because no one's ever in the world is is that on the ever in how they're making up in that moment now so if you define hypnosis that way ask an author official mind made reality where always in one always there is not that we are not there is no experiencing the truth as it is only what we experienced through how we make it up so i would say this. There is no in hypnosis so there is no amount of hypnosis. We could say hypnosis happening if we define hypnosis the actual process of influencing how. Somebody's making the moment. Hypnosis is happening when somebody is responding to you'll direction suggestions in a sense that's it. Are they responding. Yes hypnosis is happening are they not responding no. This is not happening or slice any kind of hypnosis to. I'm running in the moment. You could argue their own hypnosis. Still running child will do like like if somebody says. I can't be hypnotized. Diane hypnotize trump's of i can't be hypnotized that caught up in the belief. I can't be hypnotized at it limits. What's possible for them. I e experiencing some hypothesis. so that's a transplant. I might want to shift. You see somebody says. I can't be hypnotized. Not going to go in and do challenge notice. I'm gonna think they're in a trance version of reality. Kodi copy hypnotized. How do i move them into one. That's more useful for doing hypnosis. I am curious about what's possible. That's where i wanna take them. I don't wanna meet de challenge head on. I wanna shift that trump's. I want to shift them into a trance of curiosity possibility. Anticipation can get them there. Now we can do some good work so when you see. Jonathan chase who. I remember watching these videos in two thousand fourteen. And he's doing a demonstration where he's like see the person's here and he does some arm. Catalepsy thing holds up the hand and says sleep and then he goes. Say everybody there in hypnosis. That's at dunedin. New other in hypnosis. You're like yeah not really. What is really going on under that demonstration. Gasol what's going on under that. Demonstrations you go people that are in john chase seminar They've already launch. Lead to some degree or another bought into john chases reality yet. Four does anything before. He invites them up for a demo. Before anything i so. They're already in the joan chase reality tunnel to a greater or lesser extent. You see this in a martial arts world right you see you ever seen these videos on youtube of an empty for small stuff being battered to buy animated sites. They're actually seen that when you find him. There are ten a penny rate because these mt four smart says you must you know erased the question. Why do they think they with. Their students could not best students down without touching them. Yes yes but. I can't knock people who are not their students down without touching riot. Why is that now. If you ask by the way like when i go into hypnosis through through like meeting an mt false master right and i wanted it to be true so much that it worked on me and i wasn't having it up and i wasn't staging and i wasn't pretending and i wasn't faking it. The guy walked me up. Crush me to the floor threw me against the wall without touching me.

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