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Indigenous peoples Day instead. But while some see it as an ethical and moral question, others feel Columbus Day is a celebration of the other. Parentage cultural interpreter coordinator at the National Museum of the American Indian Band, Even who've Lynn grew up in South Dakota, where they have celebrated National American Heritage Day in place of Columbus Day. Since 1990. I don't quite understand the celebration of what Columbus State is, ER is supposed to be the question of what we're celebrating Monday has been controversial for decades. In reality, we're such a very small minority in the United States, but through social media, there is that larger awareness that has been Called the director of the Italian American Institute at Queens College, Joseph Shura says it has come to be embraced by members of that community as an Italian heritage Day. They need to be proactive about this idea of turning to an Italian American Heritage Day in ways that the couple's de colonize is its identity from Columbus, while 15 states and D C recognized the second Monday in October as a celebration of Native American history and heritage Maryland does not, however, Virginia and Montgomery County recently declared Monday Indigenous Peoples Day. Meghan Cloherty w T. O P News 3 12 Most be Woods Elementary is named after Confederate Commander John Mosby and the Fairfax County School District will have a new name next year for that school. The decision to change its name followed testimony from staff for students and parents at a school board hearing this week. David Breeder is one of the parents who want most bees. Name wiped off the building changed the name of our school because the current name does not reflect our community's values because it causes students Farm Superintendent Scott Bray Brand will give the school board some new suggestions later this month. The board will make a decision in December. It is domestic violence awareness month across the country. It impacts millions every year, regardless of race, gender or religion. And one group says the pandemic has increased its the Loudon County domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and working remotely may curb the spread of Corona virus, people who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon Abused Women Shelter. We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year, And now today we have 24 people and shelter If you are suffering from domestic abuse, make a safety plan that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse.

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