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Luton's plan however was the bring the horror to the audiences fronts that to present them with a perfectly crafted mirror image of their own modern wild albeit with a crack in the glass to achieve this sense of hype a reality luton himself began to personally oversee the design of almost every small detail in the film the apartments of the characters were carefully plans to give the impression that the characters truly inhabited them in a rain is apartment for example discarded sketches were left lying around along with reminders of her home country in the form of small trinkets and ornaments later in the film when she married her husband mementos and a i added subtly to their home surroundings all places of business whether the shipbuilding offices or the pet shop or even at the desk of the hotel where the famed swimming pool sequenced takes place was scattered somewhat chaotic and lived in as the work of being taking place that old the same principles were applied the costume design lujanen bodine spent many hours discussing exactly the type of gal the to rein in dubrovnik waugh's how much money did you make it a job which fashion styles appeal to hire and why what was her monthly clothing budget did she considers shoes to be an important part of how wardrobe how thrifty will she when it came to replacing clouds with this study of iranians character complete they were able to accurately assess the types of stores in which he might shop for clothing and sent along luton secretary jesse parnets the by an entire wardrobe of clouds from them.

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