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It's a wonderful american city victorville song the keys so they're saying that the reason that the conditions are unsafe is that it's partially because of the recent transfer of hundreds of immigration detainees to that facility we were talking about this last week we need additional staff we need medical we need doctors to deal with this and the trump administration says now you really don't because they're only for a short period of time what does that mean so people are coming in and i'm i'm assuming that people are coming in a legally and transferred or not the healthiest people in the world they've been walking through mexico for two and a half three weeks and it's i just don't get it a lot of this doesn't make sense the administration's position well i think they're trying to they're playing hardball now to try to get concessions for the border wall i think that's what this is all about hey you can kill yourself again in california you weren't terminally ill other requirements under this right to die lock a judge threw it out he didn't have any problem with the law any of the word was technical well actually there is one problem he did make a moral decision he made a moral call and that is he a judge otilia rule the passage was unconstitutional because during a special session during health care the argument was and he bought it that health care has nothing to do with the right to die and there is there is the argument is dying part of healthcare and i'm going to hell yes dying as part of your life and doctors take care of your life so i couldn't disagree more but in court has reinstated the law and i don't know whether they did it on i don't know if they argued or a or even talked about my argument by that there's the point is right there is dying part of living all they have to do is just repass it during general session.

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