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80. Orlando's news and talk. He's Jerry Daniels. I'm Nikki football Chase Bunker hanging out with us. You can get in touch. 84458 Oh, 93 to 6. That's 8445893268445809326. The NBA has responded to LeBron James criticism. We're going to get to that coming up here. You can, of course, find us on Twitter. And by the way it is official Chris Patty Jerry to have covid. So does he. That is official now. Yeah, because after you man, because I had seen the story, But then you were like I hadn't seen it all forward you the story, just the other part from anybody reputable, That's all. He also was vaccinated. According to Jalen Rose, Yes. So that's not reputable. Was Jalen Rose, So I'm going off of ESPN. I was just I was just citing like Jalen Rose said it. I don't know if like he had an open conversation with Chris Paul, like, Hey, by the way, um, you've seen the next yesterday. By the way, I got vaccinated like I don't know how that conversation just drops. But yeah, that's according to Jalen Rose that he was so if you believe Jalen Rose, That's who's reporting that that that he has covid. And that he was vaccinated. So if that's not reputable than Jalen seemed, I don't have good information. Jalen seems to think that this is going to be like a small thing like this is going to be a few days. He may miss one game, and that's it. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what the league does. Yeah, I don't like this is going to be a challenge to the NBA. When it comes. I mean, when, when it comes to managing your covid protocols, And now that he's tested positive, it's a little bit more. Open and close in my opinion than when it was a close contact. Right? There is what happened with LeBron, where he went to the Drake Party and was hanging out at some Tequila party. Some tequila release and they said, Hey, like, you know, he didn't really break the protocols. LeBron is going to play in the first round series against the Suns and then Chris Paul. May miss the first couple of games now that he's tested positive. I can't argue with the league about that, because you have a player that has tested positive for Covid 19. They have very clear very strict rules. It is unfortunate for Chris Paul. And it does bring up you know more of a conversation about the vaccine. And how does this happen? Necessarily. There's a small percentage of individuals that do test positive for Covid 19, even though they've been vaccine, I think was like half of a percent or something. Off the top of my head, but, um Listen. I mean for Chris Paul. I don't know if there is a player that has been more unlucky in the postseason, then Chris Paul, you get to a game away from the Western Conference finals a few years ago. And he gets the quad injury years before that. I believe it was. It was a hand in your hamstring injury when his with the Clippers, playing with Blake Blake Griffin in the postseason after they eliminated the Spurs, so Chris Paul has always been labeled as the guy that can't win the big one. But he's also the guy that just at the biggest moment has been unlucky, and this is going to once again be another piece of evidence towards that. Damn. This is going to put them in a tough spot. If at any moment they're perceived as delaying, I mean, you know, at this point The NBA is praying for seven game series. And then at that point, you know if there's any sort of what is perceived as a delay. How long How many games? Can he miss? The two of you? How many games do you think he can miss? And Phoenix still has a chance to win this. When's his first negative tests. Tell me that and then I'll answer that. Yeah, like it's kind of an impossible question. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, but it's kind of an impossible question. I think I know where he's going out here is like okay. I mean, I think if he misses two games, and it's 11 there in a good spot if it's an 02 whole, like I think that you're kind of going towards the end the series, especially it's an 03 hole like that. Like he is vital. Not essentially like as a player, but as like a leader like he'll do well as a player like Don't get me wrong on that, because, like, but Devin Booker is like the main guy DeAndre Ayton has been the guy that you've been seeing, like, make strides and now goes, okay. Maybe he's not a bust, after all, but Chris Paul on the court just somehow makes everybody better without him, actually, like contributing much, and I think that's the bigger thing. Yeah, The NBA is rooting for Utah to win this series with the Clippers. Let me explain why, because Chris Paul going out with the positive covid test. You're right, Jerry. They are going to watch the league. Everyone is going to the media fans. The the opinion about how the league handles this will be, I would say, shaded by a how the how the sun's doing the series and be who the sons are playing. If the L. A Clippers lose Kuai Leonard for the rest of the season due to an A C L injury, which very well could happen, and then Chris Paul can't play in this series due to Covid 19 protocols and all of a sudden an L. A team, albeit the Little Brother franchise in L. A. Is in the NBA Finals because Chris called Chris Paul couldn't play. A lot of fans are going to cry foul. But if the Utah Jazz who were the better team in the regular season finished with the best record in the NBA this year, or we had the best home record in the NBA this year if the Utah Jazz, play the sons and win the series Dude. I mean, I think that I think people would look at that. More like okay, well, Utah, always expected to win this series. Utah had the better team. Utah was better in the regular season and the NBA won't be looked at, like they're playing favoritism with an L. A team, but I do agree with Chase. After the first two games in the series. If it is 11 and Chris Paul Mrs. Game three. There won't be any heat. But the minute the sons are in trouble in the series. You're going to see people start checking the league to see what they're going to do especially like, remember what happened just two years ago with Kevin Durant. How? Okay, they're down in the hole. We need Kevin Durant to come back as soon as possible. Even though he was kind of cleared. He kind of wasn't and then bam! Rub his Achilles. Yeah. Achilles tears little different. Best test positive, Kobe, But I'm saying I'm saying like, if you rush things worse things can happen. Oh, all I'm saying here is that Everybody's looking for the NBA to come across as hypocrites here. And they're going to have to go beyond the.

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