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Rising interest rates what is your strategy look around that scenario especially when it comes to saudi arabia i think at the moment the what is happening in dente guesses is happening the background we keeping a very close are on that i think it's going to run for a bit longer and but then on the interest rates are what we are doing is we are keeping short duration within our portfolios in preference to to taking interest rate risk so run me through that some of your calls in saudi arabia does that mean you are interested in the length of con what else is interesting on on the corporate side i think dollar con is definitely interesting one we have been quite big investors in two thousand eighteen so cook that repays repays in may they've got a two thousand nine hundred issue we see investors rotating out of the two thousand eighteen on repayment into the two thousand nineteen these other issues out they the shortsighted max they've got a private placement but a two thousand nine hundred so short dated even the perpetual you're sitting kfc twenty twos look cheap look at some of the other sovereign plays and i'm thinking here along the lines of bahrain and qatar specifically where is there an opportunity there now interesting the failure of the recent bond issue way they could the head to cancel the longer dated issuance and only issue the sukuk i think that basically gives the government a firm view that access to the capital markets is now restricted so you now have to have other emerged as this implicit guarantee from saudi from other countries they will need to step forward and make that explicit guarantee dog it's always a pleasure having you on the program thank you for your time bitcoin is the head of credit strategies address follow investment bank let's get a preview what we'll be talking about next income came in lower than expected but then it says the results reaffirmed improve profitability we speak to the ceo peter england that's next this is bloomberg be successful entrepreneur the expertise of the best most prosperous entrepreneurs is a big advantage in think bigger real estate developer michael sonnenfeldt reaches out to his network of entrepreneurs.

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