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I'm up here in Connecticut. Right peek behind the curtain Hartford gets a first round action. First time in twenty one years. They've had it. It's a big deal. Now, I've gone in Nashville a few times first round games are fun. And you know, down in Nashville the Bill you can pay somebody basically, and you guys do like a barstool swap. So while you're in a while you're sitting at the bar and other person's watching the game. You know, you like hold the stool, and you just go back and forth. They've got it all worked out for the alcohol now. Yes. Nine in Horford. You know, again a game. And you got thirty minutes to get it done. So these games really sold. Well, it hasn't been here for longtime. Be we got a couple of big match ups. So the NCAA tournament game between villain. Oh, Vince, Saint Mary's. It tipped off to an almost empty arena. Because frankly fans of the Wildcats made the four hour drive from Philly to Hartford, we're all lined up at all the fans were there, but the metal detectors were their security arena. It took them forever to get it open to get emptied. So they could refill the stadiums in the afternoon session out, and it took them so long that all the people ready for the night session. We're standing outside as the game tipped off. And so the sixteen thousand seat XL center was almost sold out for that game may have actually been sold. But it didn't really get full until late in the first half. They were they were angering they were angry, you know. And I don't I don't blame them because I looked the other day an all session passed three hundred and fifty bucks to go to all the games for the bad. They're gonna get some very unhappy calls afterwards trying to get some money back. Now, they are. In the meantime, they're actually they're getting one of the match ups that I think a lot of people were were excited for with Villanova and Saint Mary's into. It's a close one. It's a thirty two. Twenty eight and a half Saint Mary's up on the defending champs. So we'll see how long Villanova's rain into the defending champion also runs at this point. That's about the only game that's close right now. Again's Agha's just destroying a fairly Dickinson and Kentucky is destroying Abilene Christian. So the only other game going on right now Florida is up by eight on Uva in the second half. But also in Hartford part of the reason that everybody went chummy rant. And we all knew that the Marquette's versus Murray state was going to be a big game because Marcus Howard, John Moran or two of the best scores in the country. John Morand is absolutely studies going to be top three pick in the NBA draft. According to most destinations and Sarah. He didn't he didn't disappoint. He came out and had an electric day. And it's one of those I opening moments where we're all reminded that mid major can still give absolute incredible basketball talent. Yeah. And as you said earlier like we almost didn't even get John Mirant attorney, right, Tom. And I believe as you said there were only or maybe we heard it on the. Earlier only two of the top ten scorers in the NC double layer in the tournament and they're facing off against each other. And so this was a game that we were all kind of really looking forward to in terms of explosive scoring and boy did job Mirant show up and make it what we expected for him. I mean, he gets a triple double. And he gets a that's the first NCW triple double since two thousand twelve of them a hem point out, by the way. Because one of my great Twitter follows pointed this out, we should say men's that's good. 'cause as Natalie wander points out Sabrina s q how to triple double in the first round of the tourney last year. And also there have been a couple very recently spent the logic had one in two thousand fifteen skied skyler Diggins had one recently. So a lot of the ladies have been cleaning up. We just got. I guess we've got to get them on track here with the triple doubles. That's a fair point..

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