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Oh yeah yeah pound for pound the same kind of tackler is that police dog yeah here we go take it out yeah collar tackle bang but cancer jerks yeah time to play the game that things then smell slight for taking millionaires see on oh you tell us what's on television tonight his timing is awful what does he smell like what does he's my lawyer smells like tequila yeah just to kill him in akron ohio the binghamton rumble ponies in the akron rubber ducks oh akron he's not a big fan of because lebron but tim tibo he's a big fan of tim tibo doll look who else a big fan brock meyer big fan it's not your turn yet hold on a second let's check in with tim tibo aa is bang your rabi to all that is good and holy in sports first at bat of the season of youthful swing brock meyer hurst paint chapman oh brock meyer loves his poetry what do you got brock meyer ccc it is not happy personally to say that there are some similarities between jesus christ and tim t both they were both pretty ripped pulled off miracle but more importantly jesus was was a contradiction as both man and gone and tibo he is also a contradiction he is both good at sports and the worst it's devilishly charming and he's a human nap and through these contradictions he's able to be all things to often bobby you intrigue wow sees as you kidding me people have their once you disguise dumped on the with renew year you know this an eye opener for me he said breath of fresh air are you kidding me stent striking out striking out striking make forty five million lewis guy go from the where you know making pin those first time he comes to play.

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