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In future updates. The company also said it needs to do compatibility testing on ssd's to ensure that they will work with the ps five expansion drives need to handle five point five gigabits per second of bandwidth over a pci gen four connection and work with the p. Fives i o controller the. Ps five does support expanding storage over usb new york times reports that facebook may slow down users ability to share posts in an effort to curb the spread of theories about the election. Facebook did not offer. Exactly what would change about its sharing features reportedly it could be adding an additional clicker to. That's kind of what twitter did forced you to do a quote tweet. Facebook previously relied on its voting information center and labels within its app at these notices are easily dismissed and don't prevent users from sharing any kind of post xiaomi. I announced the me box. Four s pro which can stream video ad. Eight k not clear at this point. What if any services will stream in nature gay in eight rather but it's there you know it's it's it is possible when they do arrive. The box for us pro sells for three hundred ninety nine one which is about sixty dollars. Us available now. in china. xiaomi has no plans for a worldwide release sunday. we'll have k- services. And then i'll worry about that. I guess there you go first ak streamer all right. Let's talk a little bit more about this netflix channel. Let's do it netflix's testing a net channel. This isn't a france so you know it's a it's a it's a it's a. It's a test that will show movies and tv series from net flicks in an ongoing stream. It could cable tv channel. The channel called direct will only be available in a web browser. So you know. We use an apple. Tv roku whatever. You can't do it that way. The channel launched for some november fifth and will broadly be available to french netflix subscribers in early december. What are we thank. Chris what do you think so me being a big Cord cutter guy. I like it. I like anything that Any of these services provide that Continue to draw people into the platform and put more pressure on these cable companies to change the way they do business. I love it all so anything. They come up with Ah i don't know why the limited access you would think that something like this if they launched it and they wanted to be successful. Just blow it out you know..

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