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Hey Caroline. Esther. How are you? I'm really good because we have to bona fide the UT. Legends. Super Brains. They're the host of a podcast that I, binged listened to all weekend and I'm like. Depressed out of episodes and that the next episode they release is going to have a Sonnet, which is just disgusting. I don't need to waste my time with that. But everyone should go listen to it. They're the host of I witness beauty. Welcome. Nick axelrod in Anne isn't quick Rifi working. Really can be an all speak for it can be anything you want it to be. Okay captain. Crunch. Crunch. How you pronouncing it right now. I've always found Craig. Craig because it's like it's like blitzkrieg. That's how it's spelled in Tenenbaum rate. That's the logical but my whole family pronounces it differently. Love that. They all WANNA be separate. Ju. I mean not as you know did you we could tell. Really. Nobody else can. Knit thought that I was, he just landed I wasn't nick. Are you blind in one eye? Like look at her thought she secret Jews you know like there's sometimes those like blonde. You know Jews Natalie Portman they don't. They don't make face shapes like that for Jews, in Eastern Europe. That we don't come in that style. What we're trying to say is your beautiful and we're racist against Jewish people is also what we're trying to say, but we can be a little bit. So okay. First things I can you guys just tell us who the fuck you to are because you guys seem to like know literally everything about beauty and skin care Can Give us the background of why you guys know what you know and why you are who you are. Nick, why don't you go first 'cause really Nick Nick discovered me and made me he molded me from clay does. Frankenstein's monster. Perfect creation no. So I I'm a reporter and editor started out in newspapers when they existed I worked at women's wear daily, which was like the fashion daily trade newspaper, and then I was a senior editor at L. Magazine and Did a covered a lot of fashion designers and music and sort of all the kind of intersection of pop culture and fashion, but I got. I was there for about two and a half years and I think I was telling you guys about this last time we talked. But like I got sick of sitting at my desk in basically realizing that I was in the voice of a woman like talking about like barring your boyfriend. Cardigan and stuff to get the boyfriend look and I was like this is like not. Succeed if this is how inauthentic. Output is and I knew. I was at that point like head become best friends Emily Weiss who had. was still I think like waking up at six o'clock in the morning to write for into the gloss between six and eight, and then going to work at Vogue assisting stylist from nine to eight. PM and and I was like, why don't we like why don't we do this together, I can be a force multiplier I'll quit my job. I. Think it was like the last time I had corporate health insurance. And we'll go to your apartment and we'll kind of make into the gloss into something and kind of explore what it can be because you know it it was it felt really new special to me in that it kind of. You know I guess what glossy became into the gloss kind of embodied in some ways. So like democratizing beauty, making it like that everyone has something making it so that everyone has something to say about it like the girl on the street corner happens to be a neuroscientist, but she also wears lipstick and. and has a whole story about why she picked the Reggie picked like all that kind of stuff I thought was interesting as a reporter and a writer and when I took over into the gloss editorial. Important to me to make it like the smart beauty website I kind of fell that. Beauty writing had gotten kind of silly and like if you think about like what was in like beauty, the beauty pages in fashion magazine, it was like Lipsticks watches and like. I don't know like boring way to think about beauty and I wanted I remember thinking to myself. Let's turn this into like the New Yorker of beauty. Thought. And I thought it'd be fun to get people from outside the beauty industry to write about beauty because I also like when it's outsider kind of exploring something or observing something. So I started to get some a New York and New York, times, writers like molly young and Irene Alexander to contribute like begged and pleaded to get them to contribute, and then when we wanted to hire an executive editor like sort of a head. Of all the content it was really hard to find someone who kind of that vision and this idea of like not taking too seriously. But really being a junkie in her heart of hearts like someone who loves his obsessive beauty but also thinks it's silly and can can be creative and bizarre about it. And then I had seen any his work because I think she's probably. On the end, she gets a little bit embarrassed when I say this but probably on the Internet she's most famous for a tutorial she did. For how to get Lindsey Lowe Hands Mugshot looks. Oh. My God, which like in two thousand twelve or whatever you're the. Two thousand thirteen keep going up here. was like was. Groundbreaking and I thought like, here's someone who like not only. Can she write her ass off? She can take pop culture and turned into a beauty store. So happen to have some of Lindsay's Mugshot looks on coasters that we can talk about if we want. You. How to get the look? This one's a classic that Shit. That little bomber. Had the same the same outfits, and the funniest part is like a couple of years later ended up in her apartment in. London interviewing her. Like. I didn't say anything before and and. I swear like tinder place and she. Looked at me. Everything froze and it was like, fuck she knows. I. Remembered I'm sorry. Say That I cannot have name Lindsay. Lohan. Come up in a conversation without talking about the greatest limited series that has ever existed on television on the network, the series called Lindsey. There is nothing there is no piece of art and honesty and truth out there in media that is better than when the. Winch. Lawn remember when she was collaborating with. UNGARO like she was working on, she had some fashion collaboration so I was interviewing her. That and she came to the office at women's wear daily for a photo shoot, and of course, like it took all day for one picture. And it was the darkest it was like the darkest day of my entire life. Like the energy. was just so dark like the whole thing was just dark and like the handlers and the bathroom breaks and the like Frenetic Blake backing you. So many bathroom breaks. But. Anything. That Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles and I was it was so exciting for me. I think it was at Alchemy Padre in sheep but she was she got up from the table thirty five times. And just watching her get up and come back and get up and come back was the most exciting day of my life. Look, she's a proud Arabic woman and. I won't have YOU BESMIRCH MY Middle Eastern sister's name this way which. She quarantining and Dubai also when I met her that wasn't public yet. So imagine how freaked out I was like she was climbing Abebe. Think. She was like also like taking fluent Arabic Koran out. Do you guys remember what? She had a leggings line. To six. Marilyn Monroe's birthday. Godly. Wow and then of course, the foreigner Rena commercial is always what sticks out to me. I'll send it to the group. I don't know how we can do this. Best. But she's like Pop Slam Foreign, Ariba? Yes. Like a commercial only aired in Europe or something. I'm not sure but you know I'll chat it to you guys in. You can watch it on your own time. Perfect. Okay. Sorry. anyways you hired Anne. So then I hired any and she became the like content director of into the gloss and then. I ended up leaving into the gloss. Right Bright as glossy was launching and then moved to. La and long story short CO founded this. Skin care for the body brand at the time was sort of a new concept. Now, a bunch of people are doing it but. It was sort of the idea of clean effective personal care items that you know taking these like dusty. SHITTY products like body wash body lotion and. And Lube and making them into like kind of. Skin Care Staples and.

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