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Gained one hundred and eight points this is ABC news KOA. NewsRadio time to the attorney for a. Homeowner shot to death at his home, by, Aurora police early Monday morning says the officers should have known they were firing at the wrong man the homeowner has been identified, as Seventy-three-year-old Richard Gary black black attorney says there, was a. Party in the neighborhood and the naked man kicked in the door of blacks home black then shot the intruder twice in the. Chest killing him Aurora police say, they heard gunfire upon the rival som- man with a gun. In his hand and fired killing the homeowner neighbors. Steve panic Kisco heard the commotion the gunshots from the intruder versus the police officers showing up we're so. Quick that in the dark over there I. Think the police officer May have made the right choice in his life situation. He was, speaking with. CBS four Aurora police plan on having a press conference on Thursday western. Slope, group club twenty says at shocking and disappointing. That democratic, gubernatorial, candidate Jared polis will, not attend, the debate, this year. They say it's the first time in thirty years that one of the candidates for governor has declined to participate police has. Agreed to six, other debates with Republican, candidate Walker Stapleton officials say. The fire at the Westminster apartment complex. That killed two and hurt fourteen others, is, arson we able to classify this fire as incendiary or intentionally set investigators and the ATF are working together to figure out how, the fire at Westbury apartment started a beautiful night, tonight will. Turn into a warm tomorrow still pretty warm eighty nine mostly sunny there may be an isolated storm or two in the afternoon. And evening however most storms should, stay in the high country CBS fours Lauren Whitney Bronco training. Camp continued today offensive lineman Ron Leary he's not. Phased by all these new Running backs honest I don't even know who I mean I'll see you see him in. A huddle, but I. Don't think I need to block this way because this guy we blocked. The, way we posted Blackhawk for no matter.

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