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Voice to the Broncos Dave Logan after the game brought to us by the law offices of band camp was a serious firm for serious cases you know the opening drive you'll seventy eight yards in twelve plays you convert to a three third downs you got to feel pretty good about that except for the fact that you you have to settle for three but overall pretty efficient Dr yeah obviously it was it was scored but I think there's a lot of good things to see from the drive and you know we kept it simple and I think we executed yeah the simple things we did pretty well so you know it's a good little star course yeah no question about that what's it like for you know this is the first action as as a Denver Bronco and I know it's in the pre season but what what just what's it like for a veteran quarterback to get his first action in a preseason game with a different team it's just like any other football game and it's awesome to kind of a get ready go through pregame warm ups and all the way up to that first nap I mean it feels like any other football game I've ever played in regular season playoffs free see that it doesn't matter at the football game there's always a lot of steak so as far as being on a new team I think I said the people before I pass that it didn't really feel anything it didn't really feel any different so it was all good yep final thought to eat to pretty good young running backs both of the show to the first series of Royce breaks off the fifty yard run Phil up on a little bit of a miscommunication has a run of about eleven you got a like what the the the youthful talent behind you yeah Hey listen if we can do we can do half of what we did on a drive in the run game I think we're gonna be in pretty good shape so it's good to see our stuff no question Joe thanks yeah thanks guys Dave login with the Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco the conversation a service of the law offices of Dan cap was a serious firm for serious cases Seahawks get the win twenty two to fourteen Broncos football is brought to.

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