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Door on ABC was George Stephanopoulos. He's corrupt. And they had Joe Biden un. He's corrupt has done his hunter Biden and he's corrupt and there's really nothing ambiguous about any of this. We have documentation, so so much of it and that, in fact, with all the documentation, it's it is worthy of note that the subject of Hunter Biden didn't come up at all. Last night. I didn't sleep at all last night. And and that is a remarkable thing, unless you consider the fact that George Stephanopoulos is a Clinton administration official and Democrat It's not like he's a mole in the machine. The machine is the mole hill, and they invite fellow moles to join them in the Mole Hill, and they carry forth the cause of the Democratic Party, which has been taken over by Very, very lefty lefty people. And they go along to get along because that's the that's the word of the day. Now there's something funny. There's a great columnist in Chicago with the Chicago Tribune. His name is John Cast, and he's quite famous in Chicago and beyond. You know, a thoughtful, clever with the columnist who leans not left, and that's that's good enough for me. It's not like a big right wingers is just is, you know he has common sense and he doesn't think America is a terrible country, And that gets you in trouble with the left these days because they hate everything and everyone pretty much. It's a mental illness. And John Cassels column came out last night or yesterday, actually, yesterday morning. Joe Biden has had this impeachment thing that was bleeping golden. Little making fun of another imprisoned Illinois But Hunter Biden messes it up, and John Kass rights Isn't it odd that Joe Biden and the Democrats have somehow forgot to use the ultimate weapon against President Donald Trump in this campaign? How to describe this super weapon. A Chicago political creek crook pardoned by Trump. You know that's Blagojevich, the former governor went to prison and was pardoned by President Trump and a Democrat, of course. Hey, Chicago Democratic political pardoned by President Trump might say Joe Biden has a thing. It's bleep in Golden. Blagojevich said The empty Obama Senate seat that he tried to sell was bleeping golden. Trump's impeachment in December, 2019, making him only the third president in the nation's history to be impeached by a house vote. Wouldn't you think Biden and the Democrats would be raising that issue relentlessly, and the battle for Trump's reelection yet you hardly hear of it anymore. Democrats accused Trump of a quid pro quo that he threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless it investigated various Biden family dealings. There. It was a terrible move by Trump Leverage aid for a political favor on the verge of criminal But I didn't think it rose to the level of removal from office. John Kass rights He talks about how cable news went on and on about it in the impeachment. How is a big story for such a long time? So what happened to the ultimate weapon weapon? Hunter Biden. He had met business officials in foreign countries while travelling with his father, then Vice President Joe Biden. In Ukraine. Hunter Biden joined the board of Charisma Holdings, a large natural gas company serving that country. And records showed he began raking in more than $50,000 a month. So we had little to no experience in the field. No experience in the field in the actual number is $83,300 a month, But the Washington New York Post used the $50,000 figure the other day, and everybody's been going with that. Everybody. It's $83,300 a month. Just it's easy to look up. It's right there. There are documents on Joe Biden says he never discussed business with his son. He wasn't involved with charisma. Joe didn't know anything. We're playing Sergeant Schultz. Clips of Joe Biden awhile back. But John Kass makes a a great point here now. Hunter Biden made news again, with the New York Post Reporting about emails purporting to be evidence of a meeting between Joe Biden Hunter. And Avery's MMA advisor. I think executive in 2015 But here's the thing. John Kass makes the point that he makes it well, and he makes it fun as well. And that is that the Democrats can't bring it up because it moves the conversation to Ukraine and quid pro quo and Joe Biden threatening the country. Threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid guarantees loan guarantees if they don't fire the prosecutor that is investigating the company that's funneling money to Joe Biden. Also, these e mails show that Joe Biden Gets these sweetheart deals for his son for his brother for his sister, and that they kicked back. They kick back part of the money and one of these emails that was revealed the other day and Hunter Biden's Computer, his hard drive. Shows that Joe Biden is getting a piece of the action on everything that the family members get. This is first rate corruption. It's a first rate scandal and for summaries, and George Stephanopoulos didn't bring it up. Now we know the reason. It's pretty obvious what the reason is. He's a Democrat, not a journalist. He's a Clinton administration official. Not a truth seeker. He is a representative of the party, not a news organization. And ABC News. I'm making quotation marks with my fingers. They know when they hire people like him, and there are lots of people like him. That the idea is not to get to the truth. It's to protect the party. That is a party operation. And by the way, you know the The woman over next door on on NBC. Savannah Guthrie. Guess Guess what kind of ties she has. It's just amazing. And then, of course, the fund was Steve Scully at at At C SPAN yesterday, being suspended indefinitely by C SPAN because he confessed that he's been lying about everything all along that he is a trumpeter that he lied about being hacked that he lied that he lied. And of course I believe I said it this morning, but I don't see it here. The relationships Oh, yeah. Here too. Sorry. I found it now. Now I got it between Savannah Guthrie and let's say her husband, Michael Feldman, Michael Feldman, as it turns out, is a big Clinton administration officials to the husband of Savannah Guthrie on NBC is the Clinton administration official. She's hosting the the town Hall. Go to ABC and the town hall there is being hosted directly by a Clinton administration official. And that's all fine with the American media. Now, this guy Michael Feldman, married to Savannah, Guthrie joined Bill Clinton's campaign staff in 1992. Following the election. Feldman served the Clint Administration as Vice President Al Gore's deputy director of legislative affairs. From 93 to 97 97. He became advisor traveling staff for Vice President Gore while he was running for president in November of 2000..

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