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For contacts even just asking questions i mean there's a form that i could pose any question to and it could be ceo of x ways that company or could be some other founder of a much smaller company that made mistakes eight years ago announced wanting to share those experiences that's a huge asset was being adjourned company unique at that time like for why combinator we guys like one of the only the few in their one of the only ones uh actually don't know if i consider myself a drone company who i really i we're going after that computer vision the artificial intelligence for these thomas vehicles and i mean i it makes so much sense to apply that to drone to make so much sense the to focus on the drone industry but it's it's more providing that saw far that intelligence for this industrial around to allow them to do their thing rather than being a drone company nice good answer okay cool so arguments bad at piloting drones then like him we not trust humans to safely pilot drones is that way iris automation and computer vision all this all this technology for sensitive loyd is that why it's needed or their alternative reasons i honestly i think humans aren't just bad at piloting drones humans are bad at piloting unmanned aircraft that's true and i'm there there's so many accidents and by most national transportation safety board investigation said uh essentially calling the question human operator competence piloted air pilot errors the number one cause of any aviation accident anywhere and leg drones are an extension of that the really the big issue with drones being operated.

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