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As we go through the last few picks around, but a Bill G what's wrong with Ben. What's his deal? How did he not know? He's supposed to be connected to these things. Very disappointed going to have to seriously consider firing Ben from the podcast, obviously. Yeah. But speaks to how unpredictable everything is right. Like, you know, we we go into the draft. We all think we know what's going to happen to some extent. And then feral gets taken at four and. Gardner Johnson slips out of out of potentially until day three. If he doesn't get tonight. So like, you know, who knows what these things. It's unpredictable. I mean, I guess, you know, in eagles context here, Mike, how surprised are you that none of their first three picks are defensive players there. It's all often so far yet. They're really loading up on offense. I'm fascinated by that because it seems like, and it's not like the manner that we may have thought would like the speed threat. But we'll talk about that. And yet they haven't even touched the defense position. We know that they had replacement level starters that they could probably upgrade the linebacker position. We know that safety is something that we're we were looking at before the draft. They brought in a ton of official visits for like the top tier type of guys at least. That's what we thought. Anyway, I mean, darnel savage was one of the guys that we brought in. And he went twenty first overall, you know, opposite story for garner. Johnson weren't lawn Thornhill win day to but they had a lot of interest in the position is like a long-term feel. They must have really. I loved the guys that were there and had them high on the board for them to go offense offense offense like that. And let's get into some of those offensive players will start talking about the picture mile Saint there's running back at fifty three overall in the second round, you know, Beal, I was really hoping for one of the safeties that we've been trying to the table for right here at fifty three. I thought the board was falling perfectly. There. We've been told by several people that the eagles were in love with Sandra. So it really wasn't a big surprise. When we productive player one thousand two hundred seventy four yards last year in the run game added on the one hundred thirty nine yards receiving so you hope to more there. Maybe it's one of those what can he do versus what he was asked to do type situations because he certainly has the ability to improve in that area. He tested pretty well one thing that has to clean up, and we talked about this with Benjamin soul. Ackerley? I did I know fumbles aren't necessarily sticky from year to year, but his average of two point six fumbles per one hundred carries was a big red flag for me. And a lot of them came again. Contact overall. There are a lot of players I had higher on my board, including Durell Henderson of Memphis. But if you wanna keep it in the same position group there, but he was really tough to evolve for me Sanders was I went back to his tape. A few times to see if there was something that I was missing. And I still like the prospect. I just didn't like him necessarily in that range, and I'll place my faith in how we induce daily to prove me wrong on this one build you. What was your reaction when the pit came down? Oh, I think Howie Roseman reactions said a best he trolled the eagles media tonight. And he's like, hey DJ after running back. Finally, we did it, and I can stop asking us about it. So very strong move there by Roseman. But I mean, this is, you know, this is a significant thing like Howie Roseman until this two thousand nineteen fell draft had never drafted a running back before the fourth round. And we all know who they took in the fourth round a couple of years ago. And I very sorry. Just another missed by then come on anyway. Yeah. It's killing me. You're. Gonna have to discipline. He's still in both of us were mile Sanders. I just the cell on him to me looking at this from my standpoint here is that like untapped potential here because of the whole him sitting behind saquon Barkley at Penn State, you know, you look at the athleticism. He tested, you know, not amazing..

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