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Tom need to win seven here we go this is for the game fill in the blank this week the trump administration announced new sanctions against blank russia yes on tuesday trump visited california to review prototypes for his blank the wall right this week spacex founder blanks at his mar spaceship would be ready for short trips doubter space sometime next year on month a man in china who adopted a puppy was surprised but his pet grew up to be a blank oh it grew up to be snow panther no grew up to be a black bear on fly that united down on thursday on thursday a new study named finland the world's blankets country happy on this week the fda move to lower the blank content and cigarettes nicotine right on sunday key test kitchen introduced a new hamburger made from blank all those little leftover parts that might be better meal worms according to the chefs that i care the burger is made from equal parts of beet root parsnips potato and ground mealworm we know what you're thinking gross who'd ever eat a hamburger maybe with beet root don't worry though the chef say these test kitchen foods will not make the way to the cafes anytime soon so you can eat your meat balls confident that the all they contain is pure one hundred percent horsemeat bill did tom do well enough to take it away from oh why he got thirteen but mos sixteen.

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