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Off at the one three all pros on the line. Now they have. Now, they add like one of the best receivers one of the best side in the last ten years I mean. Let's let's look at the Honest truth there. It's GonNa come down that Prescott. That's what I. Yeah I think that I think that you know they feel like what was lacking was was the coaching and I think that's why they made that move and brought Mike McCarthy in and now he's got to produce. He's gotTa prove that he's The guy and he can get them over the hump. well, time will tell. Our. A where we moving on from Dallas big. Yeah we're going to go right into the the redskins or who whatever their name may be from your going forward, the news. Yeah. The Washington something they've been in the news quite a bit with the name change and Let's be honest. They brought in a superstar and I'm not just saying that being a Buckeye homer number first round second pick overall they didn't waste any time they didn't. They didn't listen to trade offers they sat right there. and they took chase young who is a A generational talent I mean, let's be honest. The guy looks like a super hero out on the field these six five to sixty, four, thirty, three and three fourths arms ten chance. He led the nation with sixteen and a half sacks only played in twelve games serving a two game suspension. So sixteen and a half sacks, twelve starts. That's you know that's saying something right there and then he also had. Twenty one tackles for loss I think the biggest thing about chase you on that impresses me was that he got better. Each year at Ohio state mean the guy came in five star talent out of the Matha. High School in Maryland. So he's kind of coming home in the sense but he he just got better every year and obviously Larry. Johnson works wonders with that defensive line. But just seeing him get better every year he won the bid Narvik. He win the Ted Hendricks. He won the broncos. Award he was in the Heisman race I think they they hit a home run with that pick. They had some good defensive Lineman with sweat with Ryan Kerrigan, they'd got Jonathan. So they do have a pretty decent pass rush, but you couldn't pass on chase young and they did the smart thing I think in in taking him where they did I. They compromise you know they comp him to. Julius Peppers he just had. A huge leap in production and he's just that quick twitch athlete that you cannot coach. He's got those things you cannot coach I mean he he he brings it with this talent..

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