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Paraguay apart from as i say that time when fernando lugo was in power has has been a right wing party so it was a continuation but yes we all seeing in the region we have seen a malt shift to the right is of of a continuation in south america i wouldn't say that power grays shifting a lot to the right because of its traditions but if you look at the rest of south america you look at the reelection of sebastian benita in chile we don't know obviously what will be the outcome of the election brazil but it could right as well there's a right wing government in argentina on their moody's your mccray and so on so yes we've seen as a sort of boom is from commodities having a high price that kind of sparked massive growth and south american notably from soya once that started to dry up and the economy started to slowing growth the sort of boom years that sort of helped i think project a of these populous leftist leaders into power has shifted the other way and we're starting to see center and center right and perhaps even more right wing candidates come into the four well those elections in paraguay on sunday at stock thanks very much for your time today you're listening to the monocle daily in just a moment we'll find out why thousands of students out to schools in the us today ubs has nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different countries over nine hundred of the is moen's and freshest thinkers in the world of finance today.

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