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Meet no respectable southern gentlemen at that time wanted his wife to have a job outside the home and yet kate was working just as hard on the farm rising at dawn kate grew her own vegetables and fruit and raised livestock it was also difficult emotionally because cades soon realized she and her husband had little in common kate spent many hours working away at her garden and it was not uncommon for her to go days saying little or nothing to her husband helen was kate's first child and surely seen as a gift by her mother who doted on her kate chose the name helen because it means shining light and she hoped her daughter's life would be bright and not dreary captain keller preferred the mildred after a family ancestor but his wife prevailed helen keller was born with the ability to see and hear and she was a precocious child by the time she was six months old she was speaking she would say howdy and t t t she also knew them meaning of water which she pronounced well wa helen had excellent vision and she could spot needles or buttons on the floor that no one else in the family could find in short it was the beginning of an ideal iq childhood but sadly it wouldn't last in february of eighteen eighty two when helen keller was nineteen months old she caught an illness that the doctors called in acute congestion of the stomach in the brain modern speculation is that it may have been either scarlet fever or meningitis at first the doctors dot the illness would kill her but helen was a fighter and after days where the situation was precarious her fever subsided and she survived helen's mother kate was filled with joy and relief it wasn't until later that she realized that helen no longer responded to the ringing of the dinner bell and as she saw that helen's is did not close when she passed her hand in front of them it soon became clear the illness had rendered jalan blind and.

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