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Really flimsy me what they're arguing is that when we voted to get rid of the individual mandate we voted to get rid of obamacare I don't know one single senator that thought that they spoke on NBC's meet the press CBS news meteorologist Jeff bird Ellie says we can expect some low temperature records this week thanks to a polar vortex on Monday the coldest can continue about forty eight record cold afternoon temperatures are in jeopardy as the cold air mass continues its move towards the east the call this morning is gonna be on Tuesday morning more than forty record lows are possible mostly in the thirties into the Ohio valley and along the east coast as far south as South Carolina John north Houston states have seen snow this weekend an Alabama team has earned his Eagle Scout badge by composting an unusual project sinking a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico here are the son and grandson of fishing captains in orange beach Alabama where several students on to attract fish for anglers he raised twenty five thousand dollars over four years to purchase in all fifty foot long steel shrimp boat immense think it in ninety feet of water he says the project was a memorial to his grandfather a charter boat captain who died in two thousand nine this is CBS news never miss a moment top news from W. T. O. P. twenty four seven three sixty five listen on air on Alexa and on the W. T. O. P. app seven oh three Sunday may tenth twenty twenty increasing clouds tonight not as cold sixty three headed down to the forties it sees Washington's top news one oh three point five FM and W. T. O. P. dot com here is Dick usually on a very good evening to you there's now a plan on how to wrap up the pandemic school here in Montgomery County Montgomery County schools superintendent Dr Jack Smith released a letter.

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